Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a humbug today

Have any of you noticed that you are working harder for LESS income? That your money goes less far, that you, as a regular working person, are getting SCREWED?


You're not alone. While the spinmasters at Faux Propaganda channel (aren't they dizzy by now? maybe that's why they come up with such CRAP) are busy repeating that "the economy's doing GREAT!" (shut up you whiny poor bastards!) others are maybe not so poor but speaking out anyway. God love'em, since no one seems to listen to us 'poor bastards' even though we are the ones who:

- pack & transport, unpack and sell the pricey items they buy
- grow, pick, pack, ship, sell, cook & serve their food

basically do all the goddamn work! THIS IS UNJUST and I don't care if rich Congressmen don't like the term "class warfare" because a SPADE *IS* a SPADE.


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