Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Ahhh... the Smell of Desperation

It sounds like the far right is feeling rather desperate these days, afraid that the evangelical base will stay home rather than vote Democrat (either will be disastrous for the Repbulican party):
The stakes are large, we can't afford twenty years, we can't afford two years of this. If you want a change in your Congressional leadership, fine, wait until you have the election, then demand it, with a new GOP speaker and majority leader if you want...but let me tell you, a new minority leader and a new minority whip will not get you much, it won't get you anything.

Two years ago we sent a message by reelecting the President, have things fallen so hard since then that we can't muster those numbers again and see that the good should not be traded in for the bad? You want to rue a day? You will rue a day with John Conyers as head of the House Judiciary and Pat Leahy as head of the Senate Judiciary. Don't do it. Please don't do it.

I guess I can't blame them... I'd be scared, too, if I was a member of either party and my party had scandal after scandal, implicating those all the way to the top in corruption (votes for hire), prostitution rings, and just plain sleaziness.

Sucks to be them right now, but hopefully people will start *thinking critically* before Nov. 7. One can only hope~

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