Monday, June 04, 2007

How I make my money - confession of an elite

Here's how it works. I have some idle money sitting in Bank cd's I need to put to work. so I loan part of my money to the US government by buying bonds. The government sells bonds to raise money to finance government programs, including military and weapons programs, and pays interest to me on my investment. I also invest part of my money in companies that have secured contracts with the US government to supply the Pentagon with tanks, helicopters, bombers and missiles. Thanks to these contracts, I receive dividends from my investments on the profits these companies make. In effect I'm loaning my money to the government to spend on companies I have investments in. Moreover, the military equipment I've profited from (through interest on the bonds I've bought and dividends from the defense contractors I have a stake in) will be used to deter foreign countries in which I've invested from confiscating my money through programs of nationalization and may be used to pry open economies currently off-limits to my money.

I also use part of my money to buy lobbyists and help fund think-tanks and foundations to press the government to change policies I dislike – not only in my own country, but in other countries as well. I press for the opening of investment opportunities that are closed to foreign investment (in the oil industry in Iraq, for example), for the removal of restrictions on investments overseas, and for the improvement of conditions for the profitable investment of my moey. To pre-empt opposition to policies that enlarge my money, I buy public relations expertise, fund university chairs, employ sympathetic researchers and buy media outlets to make the case that policies beneficial to me are natural, desirable, necessary and ultimately advantageous to all.

To ensure the public policy prescriptions formulated by the think-tanks and foundations I support are implemented (and which in turn are promoted by the public relations network I underwrite) I put part of my money to work by contributing to the major political parties. I also hand out high-paying corporate and lobbying jobs to ex-politicians who have looked after my interests while in office. In this way, I send a message to those who hold public office today that if they play their cards right, they'll be rewarded. I support the candidacies for public office of promising high-level executives in companies I have major investments in and the high-level operatives of the think-tanks and foundations I support. In this way, those who implicitly share my values and understand my objectives are placed in positions in which they can shepherd public policy through the executive and legislative branches of government to facilitate my money-making activities. In the end this makes for more money sitting idle in my bank so I spend all my time and energy thinking of creative ways to keep the people from rising up against me. I am so proud of my most recent effect the Milatary commission act of 2006 This eceptionlly Brilliant master piece was conceived by my friend and I as we enjoyed fine wine and Congac aboard my Yacht "Freedom surpression"

Sincerly yours:

J. Baker
G H Bush
G. E. Boeing
Mr. Haluburton
Mr Shell.
Sheik ABdul
Mr. Caryle

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