Sunday, November 05, 2006

Contempt for the Legislative Branch Sign of Tyrannical Rule

Today, Vice President Dick Cheney stated:
STEPHANOPOULOS: You've talked a lot about the consequences of the Democrats taking over congress in the last week. Nancy Pelosi said this: “we win, speaking of the democrat, we get subpoena power.” If you're subpoenaed by the Democrats, would you go?

CHENEY: I have no idea that i'm going to be subpoenaed. Obviously, we'd sit down and look at it at the time. But probably not in the sense at that Vice President and President and constitutional officers don't appear before the Congress.

STEPHANOPOULOS: That's your view of executive power? You're not going to go up and testify.

CHENEY: I think that's been the tradition. I can't remember the last time a President did appear before the Congress. Or a Vice President.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Gerald Ford, I think.

CHENEY: That's right. But not on a subpoena, he did it on his own.
Fellow citizens - only a TYRANT spits in the face of the law and it's representatives of the people! This open contempt is so palpable, so brazen, and so frightening. Change must occur. The continued viability of our nation depends on it.


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