Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Power Of The People

By Ted Lang
Exclusive to Rense.com

Governments, including our own, react swiftly and decisively to any threat or military action directed against it. Nowadays, instant and immediate military retaliation by a government under attack is in all probability completely automatic in light of today's astonishing technology. Complex radar networks and their automatic tie-ins to retaliatory missile and laser weaponry are to be expected of most of the world's technologically up-to-date nations. It is this dimension of highly advanced military retaliatory defenses that makes our government and the 9/11 Commission's "reasoning" for the success of those "terrorist" attacks so laughable.

And offering that these were perpetrated against America by desert-based Third World citizens agonizing on a daily basis over our freedoms and wealth puts the focus of such jealousies not on them, but instead and more directly upon our own government. It is they who loathe and despise our wealth and freedoms more than any nomadic and desert village inhabitants, the latter merely interested in eking out a means for basic daily survival for themselves and their families.

Our government continues to demonstrate its hatred for our freedoms by passing illegal and unconstitutional legislation proven so by such criminal measures as the USA PATRIOT Act and the Military Commissions Act. They demonstrate their hatred for our wealth by passing unjust and inequitable inheritance tax laws, by expanding our horrific income tax laws, by fully supporting the Supreme Courtesan's abolition of private property, and by continuing as well, their unjust, unconstitutional and illegal war based on the lies, fraud, and falsehoods perpetrated by America's greatest traitor. An unending continuation of imperial wars and invasions serve to guarantee the total devaluation of our money via ratcheting up our debt to the international Zionist bankers. Do not all these criminal activities beg two simple over-arching questions: why does our government so continuously and fervently oppose our interests and well-being, and why do we need such government in the first place?

The quickest and most obvious response from the legions of America's most simple-minded would, of course, point out our dire need for defense from other invading nations. But let's assume the same posture toward our government as it now assumes towards US, as evidenced via their PATRIOT and Military Commissions Act. Just as they now presume US guilty until we prove our innocence, while at the same time blocking US from even doing that to save ourselves, let US presume their complete and total guilt in perpetrating the 9/11 massacre against just as they did at Waco, Oklahoma City and in shooting down TWA 800. We the people are not to presume that the Government of the United States of America deliberately slaughtered 3,000 of its own citizens in order to induce the blind rage that sought vengeance and even nuclear retaliation against the very first sovereign suspect that our government offered up. What have they done to persuade US otherwise?

American simpletons will roll their eyes, parrot the line of a notable nabob of nattering broadcast babble, and conclude that you simply fail to appreciate the incompetence of our military commanders and leaders. After all, where but from the military did such terms as "snafu" and "fubar" come from if not our own military? SNAFU: situation normal, all 'f'd up! FUBAR: f'd up beyond all recognition. See?! The military has always been this badly snafued and fubared. Such easy explanations fail to deal with the automated, highly sophisticated and technologically superior defense systems our military has specifically designed to avoid such human error. How many times have you read or heard, even through our highly controlled and editorialized information gate-guarding media, false alarms resulting in split-second responses when scenarios much less threatening were so over-responded to? Yet, we are expected to believe the 9/11 Commission's bullshit answer that human error was to blame in all four aircraft hijackings and the resultant terrorism of 9/11.

Our own government wasn't the least bit concerned about our safety and well-being. It was only concerned with designing and executing a means of generating public opinion to serve its own interests and desires. Cheney is growing richer by the second on the profits generated by the Iraqi "war" which is increasing immensely the wealth of Halliburton. The Bush crime family is cashing in on yet another fascist military venture, the first one having launched the Bush wealth via the financial partnership of Grandpa Prescott Bush and Adolf Hitler. The "war," read illegal imperial invasion, serves to liberate Iraq's oil reserves in response to direction from Israel, and is now lost. We've dislodged the lid Saddam held on that pot of potential mayhem due to the varying religious and political factions, and have created instead a deadly and devastating civil war in that once secular and sovereign nation. The civil unrest Bush and Congress created now threatens the entire region. It may bring US into conflict with the whole of Islam. Our smirking "decider" is fondling his nuclear toys and getting ready to initiate another first: invading other nations with nuclear weapons to expand his "war on tur."

Reality precludes Bush from launching his imperial invasion on Iran in the style supported by his grandfather: jackbooted legions goose-stepping with precision through the main thoroughfares of Tehran. Regrettably, and most unfortunately for Iran, Bush must use his nuclear toys and Israel theirs, the latter provided to that rogue nation by the American taxpayer to comply with the schedule and requirements of the Zionist Agenda. It's a real bad scene for Iran: Bush has to comply with Israel's orders yet simply doesn't have enough American boys and girls to sacrifice for Judah. Hence, nuclear attack!

Of course, the Zionist media tells US that only non-binding legislatively meaningless resolutions are the only powers Congress has. And Pelosi and the Hillaroid will confirm the media's observations. But that is nonsense! We were neither attacked nor invaded, and there is as yet no armed insurrection on the part of the American people. Therefore, there is no constitutional reason or prohibition restraining Congress from rescinding Bush's war-making powers. All Congress has to do is cancel Bush's special and unconstitutional "war powers" to rein in this mass-murdering genocidal lunatic. Considering his now proven lies, his now-proven falsehoods, and his beyond-any-doubt fraud, and recalling legal scholar Jonathan Turley's statement on FOXNews during the Clinton impeachment, all that has to be proven to impeach the president is that he lied to the people.

And that's a done deal! And the biggest lie Bush offered was during his constitutionally mandated State of the Union Address when he uttered those famous 16 words stating that Saddam tried to obtain uranium from Niger. He lied to the American people and their representatives while performing a required duty prescribed by the Constitution of the United States of America, our Rule of Law, which he dismisses as just being a "goddamned piece of paper."

What else does Congress really need to impeach this genocidal, power-drunk, mass-murdering lunatic and White House Moron? The answer is simple: nothing! Congress can do it right now, but with the help and the promotion of political and government confusion orchestrated chiefly by the Zionists, their media and their lobby, they and their moronic stooge Bush are buying time to figure out the pretense, the precise moment, and the tactical nuclear hits to take out Ahmadinejad and Iran. Maybe the hits will be orchestrated, as occasionally they were, to happen on a significant Christian holiday such as Good Friday. Maybe this time, it will be the high Christian holiday of Easter. North Korea, the third point of Zionist agitator David Frum's "axis of evil," will have to wait. They're crazy enough to fight back, and just like the rogue and nuclear-armed nation of Israel, North Korea also has a need to distract its citizens from the realities of its horrible government.

I have offered a solution. What is needed in America is a totally new approach to governance. Under the leadership of an outsider, meaning someone virtually free and independent of the current, corrupt spoils system of American politics' two-flavored single party system, the Democrat-Republican Party, such a leader now has, more than during any other time in America's history, a real chance of uniting the American people in a populist movement. Just as happened during our Founding, patriotic colonists, originally committed to loyalty to the British Crown began by first complaining to the British government, which then morphed eventually into civil disobedience and minor demonstrations, and then finally to open armed rebellion. Armed rebellion, like war, should be avoided at all costs. This is so for the same reason articulated by Sun Tzu who warned against destroying the social infrastructure of the vanquished. Basically, the reasoning is to preserve as much of that which is familiar to a defeated people to avoid continual uprising and rebellion. Too bad Bush genius L. Paul Bremer wasn't familiar with this basic premise.

Political parties were abhorrent to both patriotic factions that founded this nation. Government centrists in the form of Federalists, as well as those despising large, powerful central government and recognizing it as a great threat to individual freedom and calling themselves anti-Federalists Jeffersonian "Republicans," both vehemently opposed political parties for the great inherent danger they pose to both the people and their government. You see, Federalists and anti-Federalists did not see themselves as organized political parties, but as antagonists on the philosophical battlefield framed upon the motive to do what was best for of the people of this potentially great nation. Is there today any doubt whatsoever that their fears were completely justified? Our political parties serve neither our people nor our form of government. And that is why we now have a dictatorship that only serves the Zionist Agenda and its timetable!

It has oft been pointed out, especially when considering the Zionist media-suppressed Downing Street Memo, that Bush recklessly and deliberately called for false intelligence to help him launch the Iraqi invasion. Key to that criticism concerning Bush's recklessness was the reference to his failure to consider an exit strategy. Now what outcome strategy do you suppose our "decider" has put together to follow the nuclear attack on Iran, hmmmmm? Does "the smirk" even have one? Don't count on it! His job, as the illegitimately appointed decider and White House Moron, is to comply with the Zionist Agenda mandated by the Zionist Network and The Lobby. It is not for him to reason why, just to sacrifice Americans to do and die.

Whether or not Iran retaliates is not an issue ­ they will, but we won't know where or when. Think the decider cares? And they may not use "conventional" means, such as nuclear ground, air or submarine-based missiles. In fact, it may not even be Iran that retaliates. Since we and our decider have targeted ALL of Islam, perhaps it will only be some of Islam that retaliates. Perhaps it will be another nation that isn't even part of the huge Islamic block. Perhaps they will come to realize that the most powerful and dangerous rogue nation on the planet, made so by a brain trust of insane, power hungry lunatics bent on world domination, will eventually attack them also after Islam has been conquered. What ever happened to those missing 200 suitcase nukes that disappeared from the former Soviet Union? Is our decider considering these things? Of course not! He's too stupid and dedicated only to the Zionist Agenda. And so are virtually all in Congress including Pelosi and the Hillaroid.

But why does our rogue and unrepresentative government need a buy-in from US? As others have pointed out, the Zionist bankers have commandeered the governments of virtually every powerful nation on Earth; why do they need to continue to bullshit US and pretend that we the people have the potential to make a difference?

That's because WE DO have the potential to make a difference! Good Friday, huh? How about April 15th people???? Know what that date signifies? How about Labor Day, huh? Remember, the District of Crime gangsters in Washington would instantly starve to death without US! We pay them their salaries and provide them luxurious, cushiony and generous pensions and health care upon their "retirement." We make their limousines, grow and prepare their food, build their computers, provide their power and heating fuel, make and fly their airplanes for 'em. What do they do for US in return?

Let's count the ways they serve US! They tax [read steal] our incomes via an unjust Zionist-imposed income tax, and steal the inheritances we intended for our children. They steal our children and make them fight and die and lose limb, mind and sight for a tiny foreign nation whose population barely equates to that of New York City. They federalize our police, turning them against US via "federal aid" provided by our own stolen tax money in the form of funds and powerful military equipment and materiel to restrain US. They tell US Social Security is going bankrupt, a scheme which we have unwillingly been paying into all our working lives, and not facing insolvency because of their unnecessary, unjust and costly wars to serve their political party interests, but because of OUR greed and selfishness. And how is pissing-off one sixth of the world's population and attacking them with nukes going to make US safer? Is this how our government intends to protect US and our future?

I'm sorry, but I must be having trouble with my eyes. I simply cannot see how the decider's reasoning is going to protect US from attack. If anything, his "logic" will do just the reverse. Not only are the attackee's interests served by retaliating against US, but ANY nation can now justify hitting US first, and with nukes, and FOR ANY REASON! Thanks Bushman! Bush is an aborigine dressed up in a Brooks Brothers' suit and wearing a $500 tie. The moron can't even efficiently operate a spear and bamboo shield, but he's got his finger on the red button of nuclear disaster! Thanks for setting US up as the New World Order's threat to all mankind! We're number one in the rogues' gallery of every post office in the world!

The American people are vulnerable to this Zionist moron and stooge because there is no free and independent press in America. Americans are vulnerable because they are divided against themselves by the many diverse factions and interest groups to which we all identify. And because of a tradition of illegal, Zionist-inspired gun control, the way is paved for the DC criminals to confiscate ALL guns door-to-door. The latter scheme was Hitler's, and it worked. And former Senator Thomas Dodd of Connecticut brought Hitler's gun control act of 1938 to America. It is Amerika's 1968 Gun Control Act. Get ready people ­ they'll be coming for them next!

America must join all anti-government, anti-war, and anti-Bush factions together, and unite as one people, and may even have to consider shutting down the country. This is how the Zionists [Communists and Bolsheviks] eventually brought down the Christian monarchy of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia. It worked for them! Perhaps if we were to advise the United States Congress of Criminals that since they are jumping through hoops backwards in protecting America's greatest arch criminal, we are going to consider them as accessories before, during and after the fact. America needs a national showdown between its contemptible rulers, and those who now wish to serve the great American people on a new battlefield of logic and reason.

© THEODORE E. LANG 2/04/07 All rights reserved

Ted Lang is a political analyst and freelance writer.

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