Sunday, November 12, 2006

War on "al Quaeda" is Dark Fantasy of Neo-Cons in US

We've all had that little inkling that something was just not right about 9/11, and the much hyped war on "terror" - after all, how can one have or wage war on an emotion?

Many have questioned the US administration's assertions about a shady, nearly all-powerful terrorist group in "50-60 nations" with seemingly unlimited resources and financial backing. Then, of course, there are the incidents that we have been shown of bombings around the world.

But for those critical thinkers out there, here is a damning expose on the reality behind the much-touted "war".

The Power of Nightmares Episode 1 Part 1

This series of parts of the BBC program, "The Power of Nightmares" is very well-researched and thorough. It exposes the neo-con agenda to a point but doesn't delve into the reality - these Straussian followers are also controlled by the international financial industry, bent on causing chaos and destruction of both Eastern -and- Western civilizations for their own profit.

[Disclaimer: This author does not deny that there are fanatics in the world who will blow both things and people up. This author does not support, condone or countenance: religious extremism or terroristic attitudes, messages, groups or activities. This author loves: freedom, equality, liberty, free speech and God.]

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