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America Needs Pain

America Needs Pain
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By Ted Lang

There's a popular saying: "No pain, no gain." It is obvious that pain and sacrifice may indeed be necessary to achieve a greater good. And I would offer that the people of our once-great nation are now recognizing their ongoing sacrifices, as well as a dull, nagging and continuing sense of pain they have also been enduring. And yet, people continuously endure and seemingly shrug off their pain concluding that its remedy isn't worth the greater pain involved in ridding themselves of it.

Experiencing that pain, made all the more recognizable by the immediacy of current events, may now be seen as a "blessing in disguise." Americans suffer from the disquieting, nagging feeling that they have been rendered inefficate by political events and machinations attributable to the political mandates dealt US byWashington. And with increasing alarm we are beginning to understand that our nation's government, once only a great inconvenience due to its aloofness on the one hand, and its ever-increasing meddling in our daily lives on the other, has now reached a suffocating level. And this growing frustration is exacerbated by the further knowledge that much of our suffering is orchestrated by an outside alien influence.

This realization on the part of our national conscience is not only disquieting; it is rapidly morphing into a real fear that we may forever lose our hard-fought-for freedoms. We should never lose sight of the fact that generations of our fighting forbearers gave life and limb to guarantee the very freedoms now being stolen and removed by back room politicians, swindlers, killers and traitors, virtually all of whom never fought in any of our wars. Why should we allow cowards and traitors to steal our freedoms?

Consider the recent teeth-clenched expressions of arrogance of our ruling criminals when growling: "You can't stop us!" Or, "I'm the decider" and the "decision-maker." In other words America: DROP DEAD AND GO TO HELL! They are saying that they'll do exactly as they please, and there is nothing we can do about it! Remember Goethe's observation that cowards are only brave when they're safe.

They have presented US with their mindset. Does it sound as though their "thinking" is founded upon legal principles based on justice? Does their position originate from our Rule of Law, or is it an expression of criminal intent and authoritarian arrogance founded on a contempt for America, its people, and that "goddamned piece of paper?" Regrettably, in full accordance with our current political system, the criminals are right!

The pain we are all experiencing is described in America's greatest document, the Declaration of Independence. To wit: "Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms [of government] to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them to absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security."

Consider the arrogant, authoritarian statements made by Bush and Cheney evincing "a design" to legitimize totalitarian despotism in the United States with its planned objective: the creation of a New World Order. Tell me now that you don't believe that 9/11 was an inside job. Tell me now that Iraq was a mere "blunder" instead of a scheduled event on the agenda for the NWO. And go ahead ­ make my day. Tell me that the coming nuclear attack on Iran ISN'T NEXT on their agenda!

How does voting fit in with all this? Obviously, we can't stop the masters of menace and the phantoms of the Pentagon who plan to turn over all the Middle East's oil fields to "our ally" Israel. You can't stop us! We rule the world! What's next: We'll kill anyone who tries to stop us? What arrogance! What contempt!

But if big shot Cheney and his NWO gangsters are so all powerful, ask yourself this burning question which begs to be asked: Why then, do they need US? They of course want you to believe that it is they who have total control. They need you to believe that they are in control and that there is absolutely nothing you or I can do about it. But then, why do they make it so clear that they need US? Do they really need US? Of course, the immediate answer is "no." But consider all the terror they have manufactured, and continue to manufacture, to keep US in line.

It's not that they need US, yet they do need to continually terrorize US into thinking that we need them! So how can it be that there is absolutely nothing that we can do about their criminal activities? Sure, they have the bombs, the guns, the SWAT teams, the black helicopters, the video cameras, the ray guns, the screaming sound devices, and other "non-lethal" weapons and tactics. In this regard, and this regard only, they are totally superior and therefore independent. They are also totally independent and far superior when it comes to mass murder, destruction, and in conducting horrific atrocities against humanity. They don't need our help here.

But what they do need is our labor, our lives, our wealth, our land and our combined numbers to fill their armies, their navies, their air forces, their slave labor camps, their gulags, their prisons, and of course, our labors to pay interest to their bankers. And that's their vulnerability. Need I even point out that their mighty military cannot even conquer the Iraqi "insurgents" [freedom fighters] the latter using only hand-held low-level combat weapons and homemade explosive booby traps to defeat "the most powerful nation on Earth?" Sure, "we" have nuclear weapons Bush is itching to use; and yes, he's stupid enough to blow up Earth to get even with US all for resisting his totalitarian authority. But when he blows US all up, who will be left to bake pretzels for him, or to make bicycles for him, or alcoholic "adult" beverages for his consumption?

Considering all this, is it not now crystal clear that political labels are a very dangerous distraction? "Liberals" or a "liberal media" have as much to do with a solution to our nation's problem as does the comment that Hillary is a "closet Republican." Ouch! I used to be a closet Republican too, and voted for the wrong guy in 2000! But that was then, and this is now. The maroon has his thumb on the red button when it isn't somewhere else!

The despots have spoken, BUT SO HAVE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!! In an MSNBC opinion poll, 87 percent want Bush IMPEACHED! Got that Pelosi? In two separate polls a year apart, almost 75 percent of both American civilians AND members of our fighting military want the war on Iraq stopped. America is in pain, but what it really needs is PAIN! And that's the real reason for our government's program of terror against US: they don't want US to join together to stop them because WE CAN STOP THEM!

When collective action is required, an acronym that is catchy, to the point, and one that makes its need clearly relevant serves as a good starting point. So how about PAIN?: Peace And Impeachment Network. We are defeated because we are a "house divided against itself." Just look at the myriad of impeachment groups. Look at all the 9/11 protest groups. Look at all the veterans groups. Look at all the disconnected libertarians. And look at all the former political party-oriented disenfranchised voters [including former Republicans like me] in America today. Democrats have just won a landslide election confirming the people's desires, and yet they too are now telling America to drop dead and to go to hell! Consider that three quarters of Americans now stand against both Bush AND his Democrats ­ what a golden opportunity to unite three quarters of the country to remove our ruling criminals.

There are only two political labels that have applicability in America today: American and Non-American. The policies of our present rulers, irrespective of their political party affiliation, are clearly un-American. America does not invade; America does not kidnap and torture; America does not imprison without just cause; and America does not ignore habeas corpus and the Bill of Rights. The indefinite suspension of these former freedoms by the current regime in charge have earned them the label of "criminal regime." They do not live by the Constitution, so therefore it is null and void. Removing them by Constitutional means is therefore totally impossible. Voting is meaningless, and now even that virtually useless exercise in futility is tainted by criminal manipulation.

Our vision for resolution must be through a quickly constructed and convened national coalition of peace and impeachment organizations that are already in existence. And YES, it should also be embraced by the leading religious organizations. Forget about "tax-exempt" status; our nation's life is on the line now! And if the Congress of Criminals will not heed the poll showing more than 80 percent of Americans opposed to AIPAC's tax-exempt status, an organization serving as the agents of a foreign government that has continually served as the headquarters for espionage against our government, then what right does our government have to deny tax-exempt status to our Catholic and Protestant religious organizations for merely pointing out the evils promoted by our politicians? We must join together Catholics, Jews, Protestants, Muslims, Buddhists, EVERYONE! This is what the criminals in Washington fear most. They don't need US to kill; they want to prevent US from stopping them from killing because we can.
As has been offered previously on, Congressman Ron Paul cannot succeed in his bid for the presidency. But his value as an educator and teacher for the majority of American voters is beyond priceless. We must focus upon the root cause of our nation's problem, understanding that the problem is the very system that stands so powerfully against US and Congressman Paul. We cannot win on their terms; we cannot "obey the rules" they have so cleverly stacked against US. We cannot play the hand they've dealt US.
Time is now of the essence because the November elections are too far off. We cannot wait because Congress and the foreign agents that rule over them are contemplating "legislation" to block grassroots lobbying and "hate crimes" and sedition laws to ensure they remain in power. The Internet is closing in on the criminals in Washington and their mass media; they are therefore, under increasing pressure to act swiftly and decisively to legislate US out of existence.
Why do you think the criminals are exporting our jobs? Why do you think they are increasing our dependency on them? Why do you think they are devaluing our money to make our contributions to this sovereign nation less of a factor by their ceaseless and unnecessary imperial wars? Why do you think our criminals are opening our borders to allow for an uncontrolled influx of illegal aliens and their cheap labor, their communicable and uncontrolled diseases, their criminal activities, and their staggering demands for socialized government nannyism supported by our tax dollars? Why do you think the Supreme Courtesans have abolished private property? Are you getting the picture? What ain't gonna be a picture pretty soon is US, the former United States of America!
You up with that? No?! Good, then you are an American, and as an American you'll need PAIN to protect yourself and your family. American citizens must become organized, and must do so quickly but also in an organized manner. Our existing corrupt system has disenfranchised US, so let's just leave it that way and leave it up to them whether or not they are with US or not. Our corrupt system totally isolates Americans and allows our corrupt politicians in Congress to ignore US. It is now high time that we and Dr. Paul return the favor. It is time for US to completely ignore them!
Peace and Impeachment Network is the answer. It should not be launched via an exploratory group, nor as an ad hoc committee. Creative and first-time analysis, negotiations, points-of-order, constitutions, by-laws, etc., etc., MUST BE AVOIDED! These all require too much time. In addition to the need of impeaching Bush and Cheney as fast as possible to "stop them" from launching WW III, we need to act quickly to replace our failed government system to preclude police state retaliation against our citizenry.
All that has to happen is for someone, anyone of note, to stand up for America and commit to bringing all the peace, social justice, citizen volunteer groups, impeachment groups, high-level religious organizations, and the many others all together under one overarching coalition with just these simple goals as its mission: peace, impeachment and a thorough investigation into 9/11 and the torture and war crimes of the Bush regime. This will represent the best political party platform this nation will ever have had over its 231-year history! Congressman Paul is perfect for assuming the leadership role, and a tiny staff, probably of volunteers, is all that is necessary to start this network in motion.
Congressman Paul is already a member of Congress, and cannot, therefore, ever be construed as an anti-government revolutionary. The Bush criminals and their supporters in Congress may call him that, but remember, he was duly elected. And Congress cannot complain that PAIN is "out of the loop," or "illegitimate" because its members and leaders were not elected. They will of course whine that PAIN is illegitimate as it operates outside the legal provisions of the Constitution; but who if not Congress made that necessary?
The Senate in its Section 220 of S. 1 attacked the validity of grass roots lobbying groups, and the House is just itching to shut up criticism from American citizens via unconstitutional "hate crimes" legislation. Both houses of Congress have made it painfully clear that they don't want to hear from the American people. They have therefore left US no choice. The polls and the last election results have made it painfully clear as to just what almost ALL the American people want. Neither Congress nor the president abides by the Rule of Law of this nation, so why should we?
PAIN should never be construed as a political party, or for that matter, ANY political entity at all. No constitution or by-laws need be written. No political precincts need to be established, as the only organizational thrust is to first join together EXISTING organizations thereby translating these to both a national movement and a grass roots and local movement as well. Remember, we are organizing as Americans, both individually and organizationally.
This approach won't require registration or authorization from our totalitarian state. We are free to discuss what we wish. Our network is just that: it is a coalition of already existing viable organizations scattered throughout America and extremely disconnected and disoriented as regards geography, philosophy, political orientation, religion, and so on. But herein lies our strength. We will easily represent the majority of Americans who are united via one simple reactive platform recognizing that this administration and this Congress no longer represent or care about the American people. PAIN is merely a network, a network united by the real meaning of the term "American." Existing political parties are meaningless, and are in reality, the causes of our national problem.
PAIN does not advocate the overthrow of the Government of the United States of America, either forcibly or even peacefully. It is not PAIN's intent to remove American government by ANY means. The intent is to work within what already exists in terms of established organized entities to facilitate a rapid joining together of a simple, singular purpose thereby avoiding legal assaults against American citizens by our illegals. PAIN is in reality, just a reactive political platform working against the backdrop of the coming 2008 elections.
PAIN's goals: 1) Form a People's Constitutional Convention to review, rewrite and propose changes to the Constitution to more clearly protect the individual rights of our citizens, and addressing especially lobbies and their control of Congress; 2) Stop the war in Iraq and the planned Bush-Cheney attack on Iran; 3) Establish an American People's Court of Inquiry to impeach Bush and Cheney; 4) Launch a People's Court of Inquiry to investigate American government involvement in 9/11; 5) Launch a People's Court trial of the Bush-Cheney torture system and other criminal practices of their totalitarian despotism.
Although easily articulated, as well as desperately needed, these efforts must be undertaken if we really intend to "take our country back." It is the only way. Once Congress sees our resolve, and once they realize that what has to be done WILL BE DONE, either with or without their help or approval, they may just be motivated to undertake precisely the same agenda as PAIN intends. PAIN is a finite political platform; it should end with the 2008 election.
Of course, a much-need "third" political party may evolve from the network should it prove successful, but this would be extremely beneficial in and of itself by challenging the one-party American system that got US into this mess in the first place. It will require all the agony of legitimizing a political party. We do not have the time to go through this agony now, but perhaps we should at least consider PAIN instead. And if there are those that don't like the term "network," we can replace it with "now."
© THEODORE E. LANG 1/28/07 All rights reserved
Ted Lang is a political analyst and freelance writer

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