Sunday, June 03, 2007


For the most comprehensive explanation of how Guckert/Gannon fits into the international child sex slave ring, visit: Almost ALL high level elected officials are COMPROMISED - this is why they make asinine decisions - because they are OWNED. Check it out for yourself~


Thanks to: Shane (Infoseekr)

civic dump

Gannon Is 'An Arrogant, Stupid, Egocentric Idiot'
Gannon/Vanity Fair Raises Questions About White House
Gannon Tells Vanity Fair Had Secret 'Security Clearance'
Vanity Fair To 'Expose Jeff Gannon'?
Was Gannon A Boy Toy For Visiting Leaders?
Gannon - Always'Professional' White House Visits
Who Invited Gannon To White House Christmas Parties?
'Journalists' Ponder New 'Gannon' Findings
New Revelations About White House's Gay Hustler
Gannon 200+ White House Visits - Some No Checkout Times!
Gannon Slept At White House On Numerous Occasions
Gannon Visits Raise Issues Of National Security
The National Press Club Welcomes...Jeff Gannon?
Gannon/Guckert NY Times Interview - Praises Dog
Israel's Blackmail Moves Into High Gear
Wife Reveals Gay Blackmail In Top US Mil/Political Ranks part 2 (wmv video)
Wife Reveals Gay Blackmail In Top US Mil/Political Ranks (wmv video)
Ex-FBI Gunderson - Gannon Is Johnny Gosch
Confirmed - Gannon Was An Adult PornWebmaster
Witness - 20-30 US Legislators Abused Abducted Kids
Hey! Leave Those Kids Alone
Photog For White House Child Sex Ring Arrested
Gannon/Gosch To Tell All In Book - Russian Paper
Gosch To Gannon
The Gannon Cannon - Part 1
The Gannon Cannon - Part 2
The Gannon Cannon - Part 3
The Gannon Cannon - Part 4
The Gannon Cannon - Part 5
The Gannon Cannon - Part 6
100% ConfirmationGannon/Guckert Is Johnny Gosch
Gosh Beware - 'Suicide' Of Woman Who Said Bush Raped Her

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