Monday, June 04, 2007

VIDEO: How the Israeli Lobby (AIPAC) Warps US Foreign Policy - Walt and Mearsheimer in Action

How the Israeli Lobby (AIPAC) Warps US Foreign Policy - Walt and Mearsheimer in Action

You can't really understand what happened [in the war in Lebanon] if you don't understand the political power of pro-Israel groups in the United States.

Our bottom line [is] that the influence of the Israel lobby has led to policies that are not in the US national interest, not in the interest of other countries in the region, and ultimately not in Israel's long term interest[.]

[The US gives] about $3 billion [in] economic and military assistance each year. That's about $500 per year, per
Israeli citizen despite the fact that Israel is a relatively wealthy industrial power.

That aid is largely unconditional.

It's not linked to Israeli behavior.

It gets its aid when it builds settlements.

It gets its aid when it spies on US,

when it sells American high technology to countries like China,

or when it attacks civilians in the West Bank, Lebanon, or Gaza.
* * *

The bottom line here is that no other country gets the same level of economic, military and diplomatic support [from the United States as does Israel].

The remainder of Walt's discussion focuses on why this unconditional support is not only disastrous for United States strategically, but also indefensible morally.

Mearsheimer gives a scathing talk on
Israel's morally indefensible war on Lebanon, categorically rejecting Israels claim that Hizbullah used civilians as human shields.

This panel discussion is a MUST SEE and a MUST PASS ON.

Hearing about Walt and Mearsheimer's paper is one thing and seeing them in action is a whole different experience. I urge everyone to watch them.

They give a compelling, comprehensive, and cogent presentation of everything that's wrong with the US
Israel relationship.

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