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For Whom The Bells Toll

For Whom The Bells Toll

Jim Kirwan
It's SUPERBOWL Sunday, yet for Americans there will be no 'overtime-saving of the home team.'
The Bells-of History are also tolling, and the whistle is about to be blown on a game that too many don't even know is being played. While we've been sleep-walking through what is going into its fifth year: most Americans are still being sucker-punched, lied to, and spit upon and all at the same time! Welcome to the Wonderful World of the International Bankers, and to their New World Order, where only they can profit. Let's peek at the matrix of how this has worked for them, while it's been steadily killing so many of us.
When we went to war it was about continuing a policy that was set out for us, long before 2000. The policy was ambitious. It sought to lay siege to the United States, to slash our ability to earn from "the living" that many tried to continue with; while our values were further eroded along with those "opportunities" that 'America' had once been so famous for. That portion of the policy has succeeded beyond anyone's wildest expectations. The herd that is the public has remained a docile flock, with no sign yet that any rams will appear to alter the direction or the intensity of the herd. Some of the details are . . .
War-Profiteering has skyrocketed. The secret contracts for weapons systems and equipment appears to constitute artificially inflated prices that are devouring the budgets, giving massive unearned profits to the manufacturers, while leaving the troops without even the basics. This combined with non-leadership at every level is not only FAILING to support-the-troops: but is actually leaving the troops as sitting ducks in a war-zone that has no front lines, and that knows no rules of engagement! How does this callous disregard for the facts-on-the-ground not constitute a dereliction of duty in a time of war by the Commander-in-Chief himself?

This from the San Francisco Chronicle today: "Not only did the deployment last much longer than the military leaders had expected, but the cost of equipment and training has also skyrocketed. As the conflict continued, the cost of basic equipment ­ helmets, rifles and body armor ­ more than tripled, from $7,000 in 1999 to $25,000 last year, the Wall Street Journal reported in December. The cost of a humvee, once unarmored, has grown seven-fold, to about $225,000 from $32,000 in 2001. As a result of rising costs, the purchases of basic equipment lagged."
"A typical soldier shows up in Iraq without the knowledge of the language, without the knowledge of the people," said Loren Thompson, defense analyst at the Lexington Institute, a centrist think tank in Arlington, Va. "If he also isn't experienced with his unit or with his weapon, that maximizes the potential for disaster."
A survey conducted by the Defense Department Inspector General's Office last spring found that U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan lack sufficient armored vehicles, heavy weapons such as artillery or large machine guns, devices designed to jam signals used to detonate roadside bombs, and communications equipment. As a result, they are sometimes forced to put off operations while they wait for equipment, according to the classified report, a summary of which the Defense Department made public on Tuesday.
"They don't have enough humvees, they don't have enough (armored) trucks," Ortiz, who chairs the Readiness Subcommittee at the House Armed Services Committee, told The Chronicle. "It's getting to the point when they have to share the equipment."
For example, the flat bottoms of the humvees do not deflect the blasts from roadside bombs and instead direct them into the trucks in a way that maximizes the potential damage from the blast to the troops inside. The military is planning to buy thousands of new armored mine-protected vehicles, known as cougars and buffaloes, whose V-shaped hulls deflect blasts from beneath. Lt. Gen. Stephen Speakes, the Army's top supply officer, told the Baltimore Sun that military commanders in Iraq have asked for at least 6,465 such vehicles. But these vehicles would not reach Iraq until March 2008, military officials told the House Armed Services Committee last month." (1)
The Dictator stopped talking about "a civil war" about the same time that he told congress he was "open to debate about the war" ­ now going into its fifth year. Pelosi, speaking on cue, offered her lines of superfluous co-operation, rather than challenging the failed Commander-in-Chief for his dereliction of duties, or for the waste of hundreds of thousands of lives without any justification. Pelosi's words about the 'Spirit of Bi- partisanship' is not only false, it's the wrong approach ­ AGAIN!
The public knows that there is no opposition party in this congress, therefore the "bipartisanship" she speaks of aligns her with the Dictator and his failures, rather than offering any real way out of the morass which the congress and the Dictator have created for the nation. Add to this the privatizing of this government that is now in full swing. This from the New York Times ­ yesterday:
"In June, short of people to process cases of incompetence and fraud by federal contractors, officials at the General Services Administration responded with what has become the government's reflexive answer to almost every problem. They hired another contractor.
It did not matter that the company they chose, CACI International, had itself recently avoided a suspension from federal contracting; or that the work, delving into investigative files on other contractors, appeared to pose a conflict of interest; or that each person supplied by the company would cost taxpayers $104 an hour. Six CACI workers soon joined hundreds of other private-sector workers at the G.S.A., the government's management agency.
Without a public debate or formal policy decision, contractors have become a virtual fourth branch of government." (2)
The above are some of the smaller points which the Matrix of power- politics has recently intensified. But to grasp what's going on behind the scenes-we must understand the motives of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), combined with the twelve independently and foreign-owned member banks one of which is the Federal Reserve ­ which is not a federal government institution but is privately owned: This goes back to 1913 and the Night-before-Christmas theft of the power to print our own money. It's an ugly story, but it's what has brought us to what is only the beginning of a never- ending war, that will end this nation and murder this Republic, once and for all. (3)
And finally - There was a recent Revolution in the USA and that Revolution was televised. On December 12, 2000 ­ the US government held its own coup and the public bought it ­ because there was no public outcry over the stolen election or the appointment of George W. Bush by the Supreme Court. The congress, wishing not-to-get- involved decided that they didn't need to act: So the Supreme Court got away TREASON and Congress became part of that crime and yet we have continued from that day to this as if that coup never happened!
Still - Every single thing that has happened from that day to this HAS BEEN ILLEAGAL (sic) - maybe that's why no-one particularly cares about how illegal anything is anymore? Hence the government's continuing series of CRIMES against all of us. It's more than clear that we've all been had-BIGTIME! What is less clear is how much the public is willing to do to end this farce! How many more people will be slaughtered so that the public can watch the SUPERBOWL untroubled by the sounds of that doomsday clock that moves inexorably on; to that moment-not-yet-announced: when it all comes crashing down on the innocent and the guilty with equal vengeance!
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2) In Washington, Contractors take on the biggest role ever th=&emc=th&pagewanted=print
3) Aaron Russo:

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