Monday, December 06, 2004

Yet another voice

This blog is my testament, my voice - I must speak out against what I and so many others see as a horrible culture of injustice being fostered and tyranny that is ever-closer... the enemy of justice is not only terrorists but our very own government.

We all know that tyranny only works for a while, although the same could be said of democracy. Where is our grand experiment going? It looks like it's going back towards tyranny to me.

I am flabberghasted and humiliated that we have accepted blatant lies and so many distortions and diversions one loses count. Are Americans really all fat and addicted to "Survivor", "Fear Factor" and Fox News?

An interesting thing is that a Florida appellate court recently [2004 re: Fox news channel] ruled that "news" outlets are legally allowed to distort facts to the point of being completely untrue [but not slanderous, which implies malicious intent] and it is the public's responsibility to research to find out whether it is actually true or not.

I find this absolutely ridiculous and disgusting!

What happened to integrity of any sort? Apparently it is going the way of "common courtesy"...

I am reaching out to anyone who cares - who has any sense of justice:

-> What can we do to address the erosion of our civil and constitutional rights, the culture of deception, entitlement, disconnectedness and (now more than ever maybe) fear?
-> How can we counter the fear that our government is 'selling' us, by flooding the airwaves and print media with garbage designed to keep us in a state of heightened altertness for boogeymen and thereby distract us from the fact that this manufactured fear is what is justifying the erosion of our rights?
-> How can we reform the "justice" system (which is more accurately named, "just us" for those in 'the club') from it's current corrupt state?
-> How can we reform our government so it is not, excuse my french, whoring out our representation to the highest bidder?
-> How can we stop any attempt to have a Constitutional amendment to let foreign-born nationals run for President?
How can we reform our prison system to actually rehabilitate inmates, help them to rejoin our society as productive members?
Please post your thoughts and ideas - we must work together, we cannot just zone out in front of Entertainment Tonight...