Saturday, September 30, 2006

The depravity of Americans... for all the world to see

In this tale of retribution, the comments and the author's own admissions of reveling in the bloodlust of retribution and revenge are almost scarier than the actual act.

This meth-addict abducted (allegedly) molested and killed a 10-year old girl, so that drug activity in the neighborhood would not be reported. Already bizarre, but what speed freak hasn't done completely bizarre and irrational things, with likewise irrational motives? That doesn't excuse or condone what he did - it was heinous and horrible and he deserves to be punished according to the law. He plead guilty and was serving life in prison.

The story gets gruesome because a family member of the girl was in the same prison facility. Prison guard(s) actually let the family member or another inmate, (actually, it must have been 2 or more - one/two to hold him down, another to use the equipment) out of their cells/tiers, down the hallway to his cell in Ad-seg (solitary confinement), let them in, stood guard while they tatooed his forhead, then let them out, back down the hall and back into their own cells/tiers.

What is more scary than that are the comments around the 'net: "Yay!", "good," "rot in hell," "scum," "animal," "hope he gets to be Bubba's bitch for the rest of his life," etc., etc. ad infinitum.

While NO ONE condones or excuses his criminal actions, how in the world can Americans be so ignorant, so bloodthirsty, so deliciously excited by acts of violence, glorify acts of vengeance and revenge? It is disgusting and pathetic at best, all too telling about the common intelligence quotient of the ravenous, hysterical public at worst. What a shame that America is so full of losers who hate their own lives so much, that even the religious leaders (aren't they supposed to be role models?) chime in with wicked glee:
Rev. J Wright states
went to the website for Katie's Playground, and I literally cried for this poor little girl. No one should've had to endure the pain and suffering that this monster put her through.

This is, in my opinion, what he deserves. May the bastard be sodomized and murdered in jail, and then may his soul rot in hell next to Adolf Hitler for eternity.

Rev. J. Wright

What, I wonder, would JESUS say to that?