Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Joi Ito's Web: What can we do to help blogs promote justice?

Apparently, others out there in the "blogosphere" are concerned with JUSTICE as well: Joi Ito's Web: What can we do to help blogs promote justice?...

Thank God that others do care~

Payola and Propaganda - US Gov't is *BUSTED*

Yet again, journalists have been caught as paid agents of the current adminsitration's PROPAGANDEURS: not only was there a recent article in the NY Times, but here as well - Free Press : Payola and Propaganda details a disgusting campaign to mislead and deceive the American public and the world [who aren't so easily fooled as Americans].

This situation only serves to show the blatant disrespect that the current administration and party in power [the Republicrats] have for the citizenry. Not only do they not have any respect for those to whom they are supposed to answer, but they have no qualms about stooping to deceitful tactics to enact blatanly ill-conceived legislation that will harm the American citizens and benefit those few who are the richest in the world.

This is unjust and totally UNACCEPTABLE!

Please take a moment to visit the link above, sign the petition to let Congress know that this is unacceptable and they must CEASE AND DESIST!