Friday, February 11, 2005

Hidden Holocaust, USA

Hidden Holocaust, USA: "When compared to other nations, we discover we are not as Number One-ish as we might think." a brilliant piece From Dirty Truths by Michael Parenti.

If we are such a happy nation why are most of us so miserable? Could it be that 35 million of us are living below the artificially low poverty level? Maybe that millions of us are taking prescribed psychotropic medications? Or possibly that we are driven with some mania to consume and spend and consume and spend?

Oh, when will Americans see that our system is backwards and is reaping the legacy of institutionalized injustice and prejudicial policies? When will we hear something about it?

I've seen some interesting social parallels being drawn between now and Nazi Germany, the Inquisition, and others not so sharply drawn. I must admit that at first I was offended. But the more I researched... the more I came to see. By God, and, Oh - my God! How awful, how terrible and scary.

What can we do but share information?