Saturday, February 05, 2005

Dead inmates must still be a danger

According to the CA DOC, even DEAD inmates are worth keeping imprisoned! We are paying to guard a man who was shot in the head [even though the 'foam' bullets are for the body ONLY] by guards during a fight in which he wasn't involved which resulted in him being declared 'brain-dead'...Opinion -

How is it that guards are allowed to use lethal force, kill someone in effect and yet the state demands that this brain-dead inmate is guarded 24/7 in the hospital [overtime for the guards - surely the cushy-cake job that they would all love to have] shackled to his hospital bed?

How is it that the Bureau of Parole is negotiating to let this BRAIN-DEAD man have a "early" release for parole? What so he could die at home [his body, that is]??? He will NEVER wake up! How is he dangerous?

Maybe it has to do with the multi-billion dollar per year revenues that make up the prison INDUSTRY?

What the hell is going on? Why am I, a taxpayer, paying for this? I certainly hope the family sues the crap out of the DOC!

Just another example of bureaucratic TYRANNY and INJUSTICE!