Wednesday, November 08, 2006

10-Year Old "Profiled" as Troublemaker for Searching 9/11 Truth Site

In Austin, TX, a 10-year old 5th grader at Steiner Ranch Elementary school was disciplined for looking at InfoWars 9/11 truth section during his computer lab. Mark was reported by a fellow student who yelled to the teacher, "He's looking at terrorist stuff!"

As if this isn't bad enough, little Mark is now flagged as a troublemaker, with the visited sites put "into his profile" as mentioned by the principal, Amy Moore. Ms. Moore stated that she was "surprised" that the school's filter didn't block the 9/11 truth sites. Apparently, porn, hate speech/groups are not only blocked, but now, the school establishment feels that TRUTH needs to be censored! (Note: this author agrees that porn should be blocked from student's view)

This is a egregious violation of this country's RIGHT of free speech and association! To encourage children to "inform" on each other, to flag a 10-year old CHILD as a troublemaker for researching, for using critical thinking skills to determine their own conclusion is yet another alarming and undeniable signal that the US is sliding ever faster into fascism.

All this author can say to the young patriot, Mark, is remain strong, do not be cowed, do not submit, do not give up the practice of thinking critically, do not be deterred - your Patriotism is appreciated. We can only survive if there are more Patriots like you. God bless you, young man, and keep you safe.

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