Saturday, June 11, 2005

UnPatriotic Act

Apparently, republikrats can "take their toys and go home" if they don't get their way!
GOP Chairman Walks Out of Meeting


I also find it -odd- that just as Herr Busch goes 'stumping' for renewal of the UnPatriot Act provisions, several persons are arrested for suspected terrorist activities. Now, I don't know those folks or their stories, and hey, maybe they are connected with terrorists somehow? I just find it a little to synchronous that it happened just as the issue of the UnPatiot Act provisions are being discussed and -dare I say- almost debated... well, if debated means that you get interrupted and cut off and your mic turned off when Mr. Chairman doesn't like what you have to say.

Nancy Levant: Mental Health Screening in Schools Signals the End of Parental Rights

Big Government knows what's best for your kids! In a stirring article, Mental Health Screening in Schools Signals the End of Parental Rights, Nancy Levant takes aim at the "New Freedom Initiative" set to take effect in 2005 or '06.

This is truly chilling to those of us with children - we will no longer be 'allowed' to have any say in what pharmaceuticals our children are given by our illustrious government. THEY know what's wrong with our child if s/he can't sit still in class, or are lagging behind in math - well, they need a pill!

But not just any pill - now apparently, "medication" can be administered through IMPLANTATION! That's right, I said it, IMPLANTATION. A 'capsule' implanted subdermally to bypass parental authority, and to make sure everyone's children get their drugs right on schedule...

This should HORRIFY any breathing, self-respecting person!!! Implanting our children with dose-administering capsules [and God knows what else, like a GOPS, oops, I mean GPS!, locator perhaps?]

When will we have REAL representation? When will responsible persons put their foot down and say ENOUGH???

When will YOU take steps to stop this completely unconstitutional userpment of our parental rights?
Do you have any ideas? Any thoughts to share?