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New World Order:

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911 Terrorism:

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Science That Refutes Evolution:

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End Times:

The Final Events Of Bible Prophecy

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END TIMES PROPHECY MOVIE - Apocalypse 1 - Caught In The Eye of The Storm

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Signs Of The Last Days

Rush To Armageddon 10 Prophetic Signs


END TIMES PROPHECY MOVIE Left Behind II Tribulation Force


Mark Of The Beast And VeriChip:

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The Pagan Origins Of Easter

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VIDEO: 1984 (full length)

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New ID Card Tracking? You’re Already A Beacon

New ID Card Tracking? You're Already A Beacon

Ted Twietmeyer / February 2, 2007

Much has been uttered and printed regarding the new national ID card, coming soon to a pocket near you. Many are upset by this little gem of technology, fearing big brother and Orwell's ideas. But is it the first way they will have to personally track you? First, let's take a look at the essential factor for spying-at-a-distance without optics: Radio frequencies. To begin with, it is generally accepted that frequencies of 50 Megahertz (MHz) and higher will travel from Earth's surface, through the ionosphere and into space. 50 Megahertz is actually the start of the VHF television band, channel 2 in the United States and Canada.

A former member of the intelligence community went public on a television documentary about the first Gulf War in Iraq, in 1991. When Saddam purchased all new printers and computers for his military installations everywhere, a special chip was provided to the printer manufacturer by an American Intelligence agency. It did everything the normal chip in the circuit did to make the printer work, plus one additional function. The chip acted like a beacon when pinged by a satellite signal, enabling American forces to drop a bomb on every single military installation. And that was 16 years ago! Now imagine how advanced things are now. The rule of thumb has been the military advances 44 years, for every year of civilian technology. That's right - high density, high pin count microchips date back to the 1960s. That's when THEY had them. Everyone else was still working with individual transistors.

You may wonder what all this has to do with RFID. The answer is everything, because spy satellites orbiting Earth 200 miles up cannot detect radio signals very well below 50 MHz! These lower frequencies bounce off the Earth's ionosphere as though it were a mirror, returning them back to Earth or in some cases, completely absorbing them.
In the earlier days of "remote control USA," garage door openers first operated near the 27MHz citizens band frequency. Remote control systems for model airplanes and boats also used this band in the 1970s. There were no personal devices like cell phones, PDAs, WiFi networks, GPS or other toys. All of today's electronic toys operate at far higher frequencies - and all are well within the listening capability of spy satellites. These satellites have directional antenna arrays as large as a football field, that fold out and deploy upon reaching orbit. Super-cooled, ultra-high gain amplifiers can pull a signal out of the mud for almost any given frequency of interest. The shuttle is used to deploy these satellites for the defense dept. on classified missions. Satellite launches are not televised.

Below are just a few of the FCC assigned frequencies for today's toys. This data was extracted from a lengthy 56 page table [1] which came straight from the FCC, the keeper of all things for communications in the USA. Canada's regulatory body generally follows the same spectrum assignments, being a close geographic neighbor. With the exception of the television band included for reference only, I have left out numerous bands reserved for satellite data, Earth to space communications, etc… and other frequencies reserved for non-personal use:
Fixed and land mobile communications - 152 to 156MHz, 161MHz etc…

Maritime Mobile - 156MHz.

TV channels 2 through 13 - 174 to 216MHz.

Amateur radio - 222 to 225MHz. (One of many bands for amateurs)

Fixed mobile - 225 through 328MHz divided into numerous bands

Garage door openers - 317MHz.

Amateur radio location as needed - 420 to 430MHz.

Remote Vehicle Starters - 433MHz

Private land mobile - 451 to 460MHz. divided into numerous bands

Cell phones - 824 to 894 and 1900MHz.

Private paging - 929 to 930MHz.

Broadband PCS - 1850 to 1980 MHz divided into numerous bands

Computer WiFi networking - 4.9GHz [2]

Newer cordless Phones - 5.2GHz. These started at 49Mhz, then went to 900MHz and higher.

The above list is just a small sample of assigned frequencies. Every time you push a talk button on a radio, use a cordless phone (newer cordless digital phones operate at 5.2GHz.,) start a car, activate a garage door opener remote control, place a phone call, page someone etc… you and/or they light up like an airport beacon in the government's satellite tracking system.

Starting your car in the winter by using your remote car starter is a dream invention for intelligence agencies - you're telling them you're about to leave!

The frequencies used by the national ID card will not be officially published of course. However, it won't be long before some enterprising person finds out what they are with testing, and jams the daylights out of them. The FCC has declared a drop-dead date for all current analog commercial television broadcasting from channel 2 through 83 to cease. This date came and went, and has been changed by the Senate to Feb. 17th 2009. [3]
How did they arrive at Feb. 17th 2009? A bigger question still remains unanswered - what will the government dp with the 500 megahertz of spectrum this ban suddenly frees up? No one to date has discussed this issue. This spectrum is not attractive to manufacturers, because these lower frequencies by necessity require very big antennas, as compared to those on cell phones, WiFi boxes and computers, etc… It's also not useful for human RFID implants either which currently use very low frequencies, less than 1 MHz.

With all the "broadcasting" everyone does now using all these electronic devices and many others - why is everyone is worried about being tracked by the ID card?

It would seem to be the least of our problems.

Ted Twietmeyer

Strange footnote: UHF television channel 37 is now reserved by the FCC for radio telescope use.


[1] -
[2] -
[3] -

Hat tip to Andre at Outlaw news!

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Resistance to New World Order programs of domination explodes

Oldthinker news | Jan. 31, 2007

By Daniel Taylor

As tyranny is pushed onto the American people, resistance is being stirred from every corner of the land. As the programs for the tracking, numbering, and total domination of the populace becomes reality to more and more people, what was once left only to possible scenarios and a distant future is staring in the faces of millions.

Implantable RFID technology has been promoted in recent years as a means of keeping track of lost children, the elderly, as well as pets. Supreme court justice John Roberts was told during his confirmation hearings by Senator Joseph Biden, "Can microscopic tags be implanted in a person's body to track his every movement? There's actual discussion about that - you will rule on that, mark my words, before your tenure is over."

In Colorado - following similar bills in other states - a bill has been introduced by Rep. Mary Hodge that would render the requiring of individuals to be chipped with RFID tags to be a misdemeanor. Scripps Howard News Service reports,

"DENVER — For years, people have been implanting tiny microchips under their pet's skin so that if Rover's collar slips off, there's still a way to find him if he wanders away.Now a state lawmaker has added a twist to that concept with a bill that would make it a misdemeanor for anyone to require two-legged critters to have a microchip implanted under their skin. Under the bill, employers could not track workers' movements, for example."

In Maine, resistance is gathering in opposition to the Real ID Act. The act, signed by President Bush in 2005, is set to become law in 2008. Under the Real ID Act, citizens who do not have the federally approved card, will not be permitted to step foot on a federal building, open a bank account, fly on a plane, or travel by train. Reuters reports,

"BOSTON (Reuters) - Maine lawmakers on Thursday became the first in the nation to demand repeal of a federal law tightening identification requirements for drivers' licenses, a post-September 11 security measure that states say will cost them billions of dollars to administer.

Maine lawmakers passed a resolution urging repeal of the Real ID Act, which would create a national digital identification system by 2008. The lawmakers said it would cost Maine about $185 million, fail to boost security and put people at greater risk of identity theft."

In response to long existing CFR, and globalist plans to create a North American Union between Canada, Mexico, and the United States, a resolution has been introduced by Rep. Stephen Sandstrom to withdraw from the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America. The Daily Herald reports,

"A House committee unanimously passed a joint resolution Tuesday that urges the president and Congress to withdraw from the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America. The resolution, sponsored by Rep. Stephen Sandstrom, R-Orem, now moves to the House floor for a vote.

The SPP, while not an institution, is harshly criticized by some Utah groups. Resolution supporters told the committee Tuesday that the purpose of the SPP is to remove sovereignty from the United States and give it to a North American union, similar to the European Union. The SPP involves the United States, Mexico and Canada."

Lou Dobbs, who has been the only prominent figure in the mainstream media to shed light on the plans for a North American Union, and issues regarding the border, conducted a poll asking respondents, "Do you support legislation that would prohibit any efforts to create a North American Union between the United States, Canada and Mexico?" In response to the poll, 82% stated that "Yes", they would support efforts to stop the NAU. Despite opposition on part of both Americans, as well as Canadians ,they continue, showing the arrogant hubris of the elite, and their total disregard for the wishes of the people.

"Make a dictator act like a dictator"

If resistance of the sort sited above continues, the elite will will be forced to either back off for a time, or choose to pull out all stops, remove their masks, and show the people who they really are.

Either way - we the people will prevail. Fulfill your duties as a patriotic American, as a liberty loving, free human being and inform your friends, family, and even total strangers.

We now have the high ground in the info-war.

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VIDEO: No LOGO. Naomi Klein on globalization

Using hundreds of media examples, this video shows how the commercial takeover of public space, destruction of consumer choice, and replacement of real jobs with temporary work - the dynamics of corporate globalization - impact everyone, everywhere. Naomi Klein argues that globalization is a process whereby corporations discovered that profits lay not in making products, but in creating branded identities people adopt in their lifestyles.

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*The original letter was received from an American contact and has not been altered in any way, it purports to come from a New World Order elitist.

Dearest Citizen of the World,

I believe the time has come to reveal to you some of the perplexities you have faced in recent decades. It is well for you to understand some of these things so that you might know how to behave in the New Order now taking shape on the earth. We want you to be able to become fully involved and integrated into our new society. After all, this is for your best interest if you will do.

First of all, it is well that you understand some of our purposes so that you may more fully co-operate. I cannot tell you the hard times you will face if you resist us. We have ways of dealing with resisters. I am only telling you this now, since it is much too late to turn things around. The days of putting a stop to us have long since past. We have full control of the earth and its finance, along with the major media propaganda, and there is simply no way any nation or power can defeat us.

We have eyes in every level of government in every nation of the world. We know what is being planned, for our ears and eyes are ever present.

State secrets are fully known to us. China recently accused the media in the U.S. of lying about Kosovo. Oh, you silly people, of course we lie. In this way we can keep the people unbalanced and always facing controversy which is very helpful to us. Have you not seen the talk show spectacle? Some of you believe we are the liberals and the good people are the conservatives. In reality, both serve our purposes. Each camp merely serves with the stamp of our approval but they are not allowed to present the real issues. By creating controversy on all levels, no one knows what to do. So, in all of this confusion, we go ahead and accomplish what we want with no hindrance.

Consider the President of the United States. Even though he regularly breaks every known check on his power, no one can stop him. He goes ahead and does whatever we want him to do anyway. The Congress has no power to stop him.

He does what we want since he knows if he does not, because of his rather dark character, we can have him removed in a moment's time. Is not that a rather brilliant strategy on our part? You cannot take us to court because you can't see us and the courts are our servants as well. We run everything, yet, you do not know who to attack. I must say this hidden hand is wonderfully devised and without any known historical precedent on this scale. We rule the world and the world cannot even find out who is ruling them.

This is truly a wonderful thing. In our media we present before you exactly what it is we want you to do. Then, as if in a flash, our little servants obey. We can send American or European troops to wherever we like, whenever we like, and for whatever purpose we like, and you dutifully go about our business. How much more evidence do you need? We can make you desire to leave your homes and family and go to war merely at our command. We only need to present some nonsense to you from the president's desk or on the evening news and we can get you all fired up to do whatever we like. You can do nothing but what we put before you.


When any of you seek to resist us, we have ways of making you look ridiculous as we have done with your militia movement. We have delighted to use this movement to show the world how impotent any resistance is. They look so silly marching around with their guns as if they were some match for our military. Look at what we did near Waco. Did the Davidian's little store of weapons help them? We have generously taxed you and used that money to make such sophisticated weapons you can in no way compete. Your own money has served to forge the chains we bind you with, since we are in control of all money.

Some of you think you may escape by buying some land in the country and growing a garden. Let me remind you that you still pay us ground rent. Oh, you may call it property taxes, but it still goes to us. You see, you need money no matter what you do. If you fail to pay your ground rent to us, we will take your land and sell it to someone who will pay us. Do you think we cannot do this?

And with your ground rent we pay for the indoctrination of your children in the public schools we have set up. We want them to grow up well trained into the system of our thinking. Your children will learn what we want them to learn, when we want them to learn it, and you pay for it through your ground rent.

Those funds are also used for other projects we have in mind and our contractors are paid handsomely for their work. You may doubt that we own your children, or have such control, but you will find that we do. We can declare that you abuse your children when you spank them and have them confiscated.

If they do not show up for school indoctrination, we can accuse you of neglect, thereby, giving them to us. Your children are not yours. They are ours. You must inoculate them, you must bring them to our hospitals if we decree or we will take them from you. You know this and we know this.

Through our electronic commerce we are able to see where you are, what you are buying and how much you have to buy things with. Where do you suppose we come up with our monthly financial statistics? Through the Internet and other sources we can even know how you think and what you say. It is not especially important to us what you believe as long as you do what we say. Your beliefs are nonsense anyway. But if you think you have a following, and we perceive that you might be somewhat dangerous to our agenda, we have ways to deal with you.

We have a Pandora's box of mischief with which to snare you. We can have you in court so long you will never get out. We can easily drain away all your assets over one pretext or another. We have an inexhaustible fund with which to draw from to pay our lawyers. These lawyers are paid by you in the form of taxes.

You do not have this vast supply of wealth. We know how to divide and conquer. Have we not brought down rulers of countries through our devices? Do you think your tiny self will be any match for us?


And, let us consider your religions and the "moral majority." The "moral majority" is neither moral nor is it in the majority. We have delighted to use this wet noodle of a movement to make ridiculous the Christian faith. The silly men who run that organization always end up with egg on their faces. We have always put them in defense of themselves as we have so successfully done with the NRA. We can make it seem by our media propaganda that the National Rifle Association is actually the New Radical Attackers.

Have we not turned the American conservative movement on its ear? If it serves our purposes we can use the conservatives to turn the liberals on their ear. It makes no difference to us but it serves to make you believe there are two sides struggling for their particular position. This helps to make things seem fair and free since everyone has a voice. Actually, there is only one side now with all kinds of masks on, but you are unable to penetrate our purposes.

You see, we can do whatever we like and you can do nothing about it. Does it not seem reasonable that you simply obey and serve us? Otherwise, you get eaten up in the resistance you suppose will liberate you.

You cannot be liberated. Imagine how you can. We supply your fuel for your cars. We can turn it off whenever we like claiming that there is some sort of fuel shortage. What if your car breaks down? You cannot get parts for it without us. We supply all the money you use. At any whim of our desire we can stop the money supply or cause a complete crash all together. We can then order the president to declare all money worthless and that we will have to have new money. All of your stashes of cash will go up in smoke in a moment's time.

Don't you need food? If necessary, we can cause a trucker's strike which would stop deliveries of food to your local store. We can starve you whenever we like. You only have food because we have provided it to you from our table.

During the great depression we controlled the food. We heaped mountains of food behind fences and let it rot. The hungry were then made to work in our labour camps even though there was enough and more to feed them. Do you really think you can beat us? You say you will hoard gold coins so you will still have money in the time of the crash. We can simply pass a law which outlaws the possession of gold as we have done in the past. If we find gold in your possession, we would simply confiscate it and put you in prison for breaking the law.

While in prison you would be required to work in one of our prison industries. We have so formed a picture of the labour camps in our prisons these days that no one seems to object to them. We tell people that murderers should pay for their own keep.

No one seems to consider that we have the power to put tomato growers there also. We can pass laws that prohibit gardens and then make up some scientific reason why you may only buy food from our sources. If someone sees you growing tomatoes, they will report you to us and then we will have you in our fields working for us. Oh, silly nationalists, there is no escape for you, for since long before you were born, we were planning your capture. Your teachers and ministers have been forming your thoughts for us for generations now. You have no idea how to pull out of our influence short of suicide. Go ahead and commit suicide, it will only help us to deal with the excessive population. You cannot hurt us, find us, or even imagine what we are up to.

I am throwing you these few crumbs only so that you may, if you have a little good sense, obey and follow our orders.


We run Hollywood. The movies such as Terminator and Armageddon, along with a great host of others, were simply created to get you thinking according to our directions. You have been made to delight in violence so that when we send you off to kill some bad man we have put before you, you move without a whimper.

We have placed violent arcade games in your malls to prepare your young minds in the art of battle. We have made you to view our armies and police as the good forces and you submit to things that were unthinkable just a few decades ago. Our artful programs, are all designed to help you submit and even help the New World Order.

Star Trek, and other such creations, have taught you to simply obey orders from the new international rulers. Oh, silly people, you thought you were being entertained, while you were actually being educated. Dare I use the words, "brainwashed" or "mind control?" By the way, have you seen the new Star Wars?

What a masterpiece of mental manipulation. Humans confer with nondescript beasts of all shapes and sizes and they confer in English. I wonder where those space beasts learned English. Oh, the simpleness of the mind of the citizen. He never considers he is being taken into fairyland. We have placed advertisements for Star Wars almost everywhere you go. You will find them in Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Taco Bell and a host of our institutions of commerce. There is something we want you to learn from this movie. Or, perhaps it could be said, there is something we do not want you to learn, from Episodes 4-6. Either way, we will have what we want in the whole affair.

Of course, to keep you off guard we have instructed our elected officials to appear to be correcting the evil of our violence. President Clinton is now speaking against violence in Hollywood movies. This will not solve the problem, but will only make the people believe the problem is being worked on. Sex and violence are the very best powers to use to help us gain our advantage. How the people loathe to give up their sex and violence, so we place all they want before them. In this way, we keep them so occupied they do not have the integrity or brain power to deal with the really important matters which are left entirely in our hands. President Clinton has been very helpful to us. We knew of what character he was before we placed him as president. Exposing him was very helpful in adjusting the moral habits of the youth downward. This is to our advantage.

Even more agreeable to us were the vain efforts of those who thought they could remove him against our will. He is useful to us and he will not be removed by anyone until we are ready to have him removed. Excuse me if I seem to be mocking your system of beliefs, but they are rather outdated. Have you no eyes to see your vain liberties and your righteous pontifications are nothing before us? You can only do what we say you can do. We remove presidents when we are ready and the leader we set up will be there until it serves us to have another.

At that time we place our proposed leader before you and you vote for what we want. In that way we give you the vain voting exercise in the belief you had something to do with placing your president in office.

We use the nations for what we want to use them for. Everyone knows that they must yield to us or die. Fortunately, we have had a few resisters such as Saddam and Milosevic that have been helpful in showing the world leaders what we will do to them if they do not submit.

There is only glory in following our purposes and doing what we say. If one does not, there will be such a sad and tragic result. I would really have you spared of such an end. But, then, again, if you are not spared, it is of no consequence to us. We will use you to alleviate some of the overpopulation problem.


Some of you have thought you could stop us by placing a bomb in one of our abortion clinics or in a government building. Silly souls! How can that hurt us?

All that does is give us an example to use so that we might place more controls and heavy burdens on the population. We love it when you rebel and blow something up. You are our reason for making more laws against all those things which might contribute to your freedom from us. If someone did not blow something up on occasion, we would have no justification in placing more hedges about you. Can't you see how impossible it is for you to resist us? The more you wriggle, the more we squeeze.

Our kingdom is the kingdom of money. Excuse me, but I must confess that we are the rulers of the kingdom of non-money. You must see the humour in that statement. We have given you a piece of paper or some numbers on a computer screen that we have termed money. It is backed up by nothing and proven by nothing but what we say it is. We create it from nothing, we print it, we loan it, we give it its value, we take its value away. All things that have to do with money are in our hands. Think of it, what is it that you can do against us without money? If you try to resist, we can cancel your credit or freeze your accounts. Your cash is easily confiscated. We have made so many rules in the realm of living that you cannot live without money.

Camp on government land and you must move in two weeks. You cannot grow much of a garden in two weeks. Many of our wilderness trails are entered by permit only. We have passed laws that do not allow you to live in trailers over a certain period without moving to another location. Have you not thought it ridiculous that we will allow a man to live in a box full time but we will not allow a man to live in an RV full time unless he is in a taxpaying campground?


Our recent war in Serbia has many purposes to it but we do not speak of these things openly. We let the talk show hosts blather all sorts of nonsense but none of it touches the core. First of all, there is a wealth of natural resources in Kosovo that we must have complete control of. Kosovo has large supplies of uranium in its soil and uranium is very helpful to our regime. Also, it suits us to keep all such minerals out of the hands of potential enemies.

Milosevic has not been helpful in giving those resources into our hands so we simply make things difficult for him until he does. Even now victory over Yugoslavia is imminent.

We are reducing that proud nation to the level of humility we require from all people. After the war, if Mr. Milosevic does not sufficiently humble himself, we will take him to the world court charged with war crimes. We made up that term; rather ingenious, don't you think? How could there be such a thing as a war crime? The very nature of war is that the rules are off. It is so entertaining to watch the nations try to fight war according to the laws we have placed before them. The only war crime there really is only involves the crime of being against us. Anyone against us is violating our law. As you have seen when someone is for us we do not care what they do. Was not Nelson Mandela a bomb-toting terrorist who killed many of his enemies? We made a hero of him.

We observe no laws when it comes to war. We do what we want, when we want and where we want. We can starve nations to death, we can ruin civilians and any other horror for which we would take our enemies to court. Look at our example.

We bomb Serbia out of its wits, bomb Kosovans out of their homes, poison their rivers and streams, turn off their electricity making a grand crisis in that country, and then we masterfully make it appear it is all Mr. Milosevic's fault and he needs to go to court for it. It is the same way we made our inferno at Waco look like Mr. Koresh's fault. Then there was our chief villain, Saddam with all of his weapons of mass destruction. Bad men are a dime a dozen and we can conjure one up whenever it suits us. This is really quite funny when you think of it. I am not one who is usually given to humour, but I do catch myself laughing sometimes at the absolute absurdity of the notions we place before you and you readily accept.

Do you wonder that the leaders of the world tremble at our presence? They know they have no power except the power we give them. We have no fear of Russia or China for we are already in full control of their system of things. China knows that we can freeze any number of its corporations in America and all of its capital at the stroke of a pen.

We want you to be in the system. When you are buying a house, we not only receive the tax revenue to use for our purposes, but we gain large increases from the interest on the loan. You may pay for your house two or three times over from the interest alone. The interest is also taxed which is again placed for use in those sectors of influence we choose.

We do not want you to escape free and that is why we have made it as we have. You are our property. We will not permit you to buy or sell unless you submit to our mark of authority. If you go to court against us, we will wear you out there and in the end you will lose. If you use violence, we will end up having you in one of our labour camps, more specifically called prison industries. You need our money, our entertainments, our fuel, and our utilities to function and if you don't have them, you feel deprived. By this, you are made to yield to our will.


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Chalmers Johnson, Nemesis on the Imperial Premises

Tomgram: Chalmers Johnson, Nemesis on the Imperial Premises

The dream of the Bush administration -– eternal global domination abroad with no other superpower or bloc of powers on the military horizon and a Republican Party dominant at home for at least a generation -- long ago evaporated in Iraq. A midterm election and subsequent devastating polling figures tell the tale. The days when neocons, their supporters, and attending pundits talked about the U.S. as the "new Rome" of planet Earth now seem to exist on the other side of some Startrekkian wormhole.

And yet the imperial damage remains everywhere around us. Give the Bush administration credit. They moved the goalposts. They created the sort of dystopian imperial reality (as well as a mess of future-busting proportions) that a generation of relative sanity might not be able to fully reverse. The facts on the ground -- the vastness of the Pentagon, the power of the military-industrial complex, the inept but already bloated Homeland Security Department (and the vast security interests coalescing around it), the staggering alphabet (or acronym) soup of the "Intelligence Community" -- all of this militates against real change, which is why we need Chalmers Johnson.

Nemesis: The Last Days of the American Republic, the final volume of his Blowback Trilogy, is about to storm your local bookstore (and can be pre-ordered at Amazon now). It is a reminder of just how far we've moved from the sort of democratic America that the President is always holding up as a model to the rest of the world. As with Blowback and The Sorrows of Empire before it, Nemesis, Johnson's grand, if grim, conclusion to our American tragedy, is simply a must-read. While you're waiting for the book to arrive in your hands, you can get a little preview of its themes below. Tom

Empire v. Democracy

Why Nemesis Is at Our Door
By Chalmers Johnson

History tells us that one of the most unstable political combinations is a country -- like the United States today -- that tries to be a domestic democracy and a foreign imperialist. Why this is so can be a very abstract subject. Perhaps the best way to offer my thoughts on this is to say a few words about my new book, Nemesis, and explain why I gave it the subtitle, "The Last Days of the American Republic." Nemesis is the third book to have grown out of my research over the past eight years. I never set out to write a trilogy on our increasingly endangered democracy, but as I kept stumbling on ever more evidence of the legacy of the imperialist pressures we put on many other countries as well as the nature and size of our military empire, one book led to another.

Professionally, I am a specialist in the history and politics of East Asia. In 2000, I published Blowback: The Costs and Consequences of American Empire, because my research on China, Japan, and the two Koreas persuaded me that our policies there would have serious future consequences. The book was noticed at the time, but only after 9/11 did the CIA term I adapted for the title -- "blowback" -- become a household word and my volume a bestseller.

I had set out to explain how exactly our government came to be so hated around the world. As a CIA term of tradecraft, "blowback" does not just mean retaliation for things our government has done to, and in, foreign countries. It refers specifically to retaliation for illegal operations carried out abroad that were kept totally secret from the American public. These operations have included the clandestine overthrow of governments various administrations did not like, the training of foreign militaries in the techniques of state terrorism, the rigging of elections in foreign countries, interference with the economic viability of countries that seemed to threaten the interests of influential American corporations, as well as the torture or assassination of selected foreigners. The fact that these actions were, at least originally, secret meant that when retaliation does come -- as it did so spectacularly on September 11, 2001 -- the American public is incapable of putting the events in context. Not surprisingly, then, Americans tend to support speedy acts of revenge intended to punish the actual, or alleged, perpetrators. These moments of lashing out, of course, only prepare the ground for yet another cycle of blowback.

A World of Bases

As a continuation of my own analytical odyssey, I then began doing research on the network of 737 American military bases we maintained around the world (according to the Pentagon's own 2005 official inventory). Not including the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, we now station over half a million U.S. troops, spies, contractors, dependents, and others on military bases located in more than 130 countries, many of them presided over by dictatorial regimes that have given their citizens no say in the decision to let us in.

As but one striking example of imperial basing policy: For the past sixty-one years, the U.S. military has garrisoned the small Japanese island of Okinawa with 37 bases. Smaller than Kauai in the Hawaiian Islands, Okinawa is home to 1.3 million people who live cheek-by-jowl with 17,000 Marines of the 3rd Marine Division and the largest U.S. installation in East Asia -- Kadena Air Force Base. There have been many Okinawan protests against the rapes, crimes, accidents, and pollution caused by this sort of concentration of American troops and weaponry, but so far the U. S. military -- in collusion with the Japanese government -- has ignored them. My research into our base world resulted in The Sorrows of Empire: Militarism, Secrecy, and the End of the Republic, written during the run-up to the Iraq invasion.

As our occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq turned into major fiascoes, discrediting our military leadership, ruining our public finances, and bringing death and destruction to hundreds of thousands of civilians in those countries, I continued to ponder the issue of empire. In these years, it became ever clearer that George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and their supporters were claiming, and actively assuming, powers specifically denied to a president by our Constitution. It became no less clear that Congress had almost completely abdicated its responsibilities to balance the power of the executive branch. Despite the Democratic sweep in the 2006 election, it remains to be seen whether these tendencies can, in the long run, be controlled, let alone reversed.

Until the 2004 presidential election, ordinary citizens of the United States could at least claim that our foreign policy, including our illegal invasion of Iraq, was the work of George Bush's administration and that we had not put him in office. After all, in 2000, Bush lost the popular vote and was appointed president thanks to the intervention of the Supreme Court in a 5-4 decision. But in November 2004, regardless of claims about voter fraud, Bush actually won the popular vote by over 3.5 million ballots, making his regime and his wars ours.

Whether Americans intended it or not, we are now seen around the world as approving the torture of captives at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, at Bagram Air Base in Kabul, at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, and at a global network of secret CIA prisons, as well as having endorsed Bush's claim that, as commander-in-chief in "wartime," he is beyond all constraints of the Constitution or international law. We are now saddled with a rigged economy based on record-setting trade and fiscal deficits, the most secretive and intrusive government in our country's memory, and the pursuit of "preventive" war as a basis for foreign policy. Don't forget as well the potential epidemic of nuclear proliferation as other nations attempt to adjust to and defend themselves against Bush's preventive wars, while our own already staggering nuclear arsenal expands toward first-strike primacy and we expend unimaginable billions on futuristic ideas for warfare in outer space.

The Choice Ahead

By the time I came to write Nemesis, I no longer doubted that maintaining our empire abroad required resources and commitments that would inevitably undercut, or simply skirt, what was left of our domestic democracy and that might, in the end, produce a military dictatorship or -- far more likely -- its civilian equivalent. The combination of huge standing armies, almost continuous wars, an ever growing economic dependence on the military-industrial complex and the making of weaponry, and ruinous military expenses as well as a vast, bloated "defense" budget, not to speak of the creation of a whole second Defense Department (known as the Department of Homeland Security) has been destroying our republican structure of governing in favor of an imperial presidency. By republican structure, of course, I mean the separation of powers and the elaborate checks and balances that the founders of our country wrote into the Constitution as the main bulwarks against dictatorship and tyranny, which they greatly feared.

We are on the brink of losing our democracy for the sake of keeping our empire. Once a nation starts down that path, the dynamics that apply to all empires come into play -- isolation, overstretch, the uniting of local and global forces opposed to imperialism, and in the end bankruptcy.

History is instructive on this dilemma. If we choose to keep our empire, as the Roman republic did, we will certainly lose our democracy and grimly await the eventual blowback that imperialism generates. There is an alternative, however. We could, like the British Empire after World War II, keep our democracy by giving up our empire. The British did not do a particularly brilliant job of liquidating their empire and there were several clear cases where British imperialists defied their nation's commitment to democracy in order to hang on to foreign privileges. The war against the Kikuyu in Kenya in the 1950s and the Anglo-French-Israeli invasion of Egypt in 1956 are particularly savage examples of that. But the overall thrust of postwar British history is clear: the people of the British Isles chose democracy over imperialism.

In her book The Origins of Totalitarianism, the political philosopher Hannah Arendt offered the following summary of British imperialism and its fate:

"On the whole it was a failure because of the dichotomy between the nation-state's legal principles and the methods needed to oppress other people permanently. This failure was neither necessary nor due to ignorance or incompetence. British imperialists knew very well that 'administrative massacres' could keep India in bondage, but they also knew that public opinion at home would not stand for such measures. Imperialism could have been a success if the nation-state had been willing to pay the price, to commit suicide and transform itself into a tyranny. It is one of the glories of Europe, and especially of Great Britain, that she preferred to liquidate the empire."

I agree with this judgment. When one looks at Prime Minister Tony Blair's unnecessary and futile support of Bush's invasion and occupation of Iraq, one can only conclude that it was an atavistic response, that it represented a British longing to relive the glories -- and cruelties -- of a past that should have been ancient history.

As a form of government, imperialism does not seek or require the consent of the governed. It is a pure form of tyranny. The American attempt to combine domestic democracy with such tyrannical control over foreigners is hopelessly contradictory and hypocritical. A country can be democratic or it can be imperialistic, but it cannot be both.

The Road to Imperial Bankruptcy

The American political system failed to prevent this combination from developing -- and may now be incapable of correcting it. The evidence strongly suggests that the legislative and judicial branches of our government have become so servile in the presence of the imperial Presidency that they have largely lost the ability to respond in a principled and independent manner. Even in the present moment of congressional stirring, there seems to be a deep sense of helplessness. Various members of Congress have already attempted to explain how the one clear power they retain -- to cut off funds for a disastrous program -- is not one they are currently prepared to use.

So the question becomes, if not Congress, could the people themselves restore Constitutional government? A grass-roots movement to abolish secret government, to bring the CIA and other illegal spying operations and private armies out of the closet of imperial power and into the light, to break the hold of the military-industrial complex, and to establish genuine public financing of elections may be at least theoretically conceivable. But given the conglomerate control of our mass media and the difficulties of mobilizing our large and diverse population, such an opting for popular democracy, as we remember it from our past, seems unlikely.

It is possible that, at some future moment, the U.S. military could actually take over the government and declare a dictatorship (though its commanders would undoubtedly find a gentler, more user-friendly name for it). That is, after all, how the Roman republic ended -- by being turned over to a populist general, Julius Caesar, who had just been declared dictator for life. After his assassination and a short interregnum, it was his grandnephew Octavian who succeeded him and became the first Roman emperor, Augustus Caesar. The American military is unlikely to go that route. But one cannot ignore the fact that professional military officers seem to have played a considerable role in getting rid of their civilian overlord, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. The new directors of the CIA, its main internal branches, the National Security Agency, and many other key organs of the "defense establishment" are now military (or ex-military) officers, strongly suggesting that the military does not need to take over the government in order to control it. Meanwhile, the all-volunteer army has emerged as an ever more separate institution in our society, its profile less and less like that of the general populace.

Nonetheless, military coups, however decorous, are not part of the American tradition, nor that of the officer corps, which might well worry about how the citizenry would react to a move toward open military dictatorship. Moreover, prosecutions of low-level military torturers from Abu Ghraib prison and killers of civilians in Iraq have demonstrated to enlisted troops that obedience to illegal orders can result in dire punishment in a situation where those of higher rank go free. No one knows whether ordinary soldiers, even from what is no longer in any normal sense a citizen army, would obey clearly illegal orders to oust an elected government or whether the officer corps would ever have sufficient confidence to issue such orders. In addition, the present system already offers the military high command so much -- in funds, prestige, and future employment via the famed "revolving door" of the military-industrial complex -- that a perilous transition to anything like direct military rule would make little sense under reasonably normal conditions.

Whatever future developments may prove to be, my best guess is that the U.S. will continue to maintain a façade of Constitutional government and drift along until financial bankruptcy overtakes it. Of course, bankruptcy will not mean the literal end of the U.S. any more than it did for Germany in 1923, China in 1948, or Argentina in 2001-2002. It might, in fact, open the way for an unexpected restoration of the American system -- or for military rule, revolution, or simply some new development we cannot yet imagine.

Certainly, such a bankruptcy would mean a drastic lowering of our standard of living, a further loss of control over international affairs, a sudden need to adjust to the rise of other powers, including China and India, and a further discrediting of the notion that the United States is somehow exceptional compared to other nations. We will have to learn what it means to be a far poorer country -- and the attitudes and manners that go with it. As Anatol Lieven, author of America Right or Wrong: An Anatomy of American Nationalism, observes:

"U.S. global power, as presently conceived by the overwhelming majority of the U.S. establishment, is unsustainable. . . The empire can no longer raise enough taxes or soldiers, it is increasingly indebted, and key vassal states are no longer reliable. . . The result is that the empire can no longer pay for enough of the professional troops it needs to fulfill its self-assumed imperial tasks."

In February 2006, the Bush administration submitted to Congress a $439 billion defense appropriation budget for fiscal year 2007. As the country enters 2007, the administration is about to present a nearly $100 billion supplementary request to Congress just for the Iraq and Afghan wars. At the same time, the deficit in the country's current account -- the imbalance in the trading of goods and services as well as the shortfall in all other cross-border payments from interest income and rents to dividends and profits on direct investments -- underwent its fastest ever quarterly deterioration. For 2005, the current account deficit was $805 billion, 6.4% of national income. In 2005, the U.S. trade deficit, the largest component of the current account deficit, soared to an all-time high of $725.8 billion, the fourth consecutive year that America's trade debts set records. The trade deficit with China alone rose to $201.6 billion, the highest imbalance ever recorded with any country. Meanwhile, since mid-2000, the country has lost nearly three million manufacturing jobs.

To try to cope with these imbalances, on March 16, 2006, Congress raised the national debt limit from $8.2 trillion to $8.96 trillion. This was the fourth time since George W. Bush took office that it had to be raised. The national debt is the total amount owed by the government and should not be confused with the federal budget deficit, the annual amount by which federal spending exceeds revenue. Had Congress not raised the debt limit, the U.S. government would not have been able to borrow more money and would have had to default on its massive debts.

Among the creditors that finance these unprecedented sums, the two largest are the central banks of China (with $853.7 billion in reserves) and Japan (with $831.58 billion in reserves), both of which are the managers of the huge trade surpluses these countries enjoy with the United States. This helps explain why our debt burden has not yet triggered what standard economic theory would dictate: a steep decline in the value of the U.S. dollar followed by a severe contraction of the American economy when we found we could no longer afford the foreign goods we like so much. So far, both the Chinese and Japanese governments continue to be willing to be paid in dollars in order to sustain American purchases of their exports.

For the sake of their own domestic employment, both countries lend huge amounts to the American treasury, but there is no guarantee of how long they will want to, or be able to do so. Marshall Auerback, an international financial strategist, says we have become a "Blanche Dubois economy" (so named after the leading character in the Tennessee Williams play A Streetcar Named Desire) heavily dependent on "the kindness of strangers." Unfortunately, in our case, as in Blanche's, there are ever fewer strangers willing to support our illusions.

So my own hope is that -- if the American people do not find a way to choose democracy over empire -- at least our imperial venture will end not with a nuclear bang but a financial whimper. From the present vantage point, it certainly seems a daunting challenge for any President (or Congress) from either party even to begin the task of dismantling the military-industrial complex, ending the pall of "national security" secrecy and the "black budgets" that make public oversight of what our government does impossible, and bringing the president's secret army, the CIA, under democratic control. It's evident that Nemesis -- in Greek mythology the goddess of vengeance, the punisher of hubris and arrogance -- is already a visitor in our country, simply biding her time before she makes her presence known.

Chalmers Johnson is a retired professor of Asian Studies at the University of California, San Diego. From 1968 until 1972 he served as a consultant to the Office of National Estimates of the Central Intelligence Agency. Nemesis: The Last Days of the American Republic, the final volume in his Blowback Trilogy, is just now being published. In 2006 he appeared in the prize-winning documentary film Why We Fight.

Copyright 2007 Chalmers Johnson

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GWB's Administration, Plamegate & Helping Iran get Nukes to Start WWIII


February 1, 2007 -- As a follow up to the story below on George W. Bush's senior staff meeting discussing Pakistani nuclear scientist and smuggler A Q Khan, Yukos chief Mikhail Khodorkovsky, and the Turks, it is important to note some of WMR's past articles on the subject of Vice President Dick Cheney's involvement with interests involved in the nuclear black market.

This was reported by WMR on July 31, 2005: "U.S. intelligence insiders have pointed out that the White House is using 'Rovegate' and 'Who in the White House said what to whom?' as a smoke screen to divert attention away from the actual counter-proliferation work Mrs. Wilson and her Brewster Jennings & Associates team were engaged in. The arrival of Timothy Flanigan as Patrick J. Fitzgerald's boss is likely related to the mountains of evidence Fitzgerald has now collected to indict senior White House officials, particularly, Lewis 'Scooter' Libby, for criminal conspiracy in exposing a sensitive U.S. intelligence operation that was targeting some of their closest political and business associates. Libby, it will be recalled, was the attorney for fugitive global smuggler and Clinton-pardoned multi-billionaire Marc Rich, someone who has close ties to the Sharon government and Israeli intelligence. It is no coincidence that FBI translator-turned-whistleblower Sibel Edmonds uncovered nuclear material and narcotics trafficking involving Turkish intermediaries with ties to Israel at the same time Brewster Jennings and the CIA's Counter Proliferation Division was hot on the trail of nuclear proliferators tied to the Israeli government of Ariel Sharon and the A. Q. Khan network of Pakistan.

An arrest in early 2004 points to the links between Israeli agents and Islamist groups bent on producing weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear weapons. According to intelligence sources, this was a network that was a major focus of Edmonds' and Valerie Plame Wilson's work. In January 2004, FBI and U.S. Customs agents arrested Asher Karni, a Hungarian-born Orthodox Jew, Israeli citizen, and resident of Cape Town, South Africa, at Denver International Airport for illegally exporting 200 electrically triggered spark gaps -- devices that send synchronized electrical pulses and are used in nuclear weapons -- to Pakistan via a New Jersey export company named Giza Technologies of Secaucus (owned by Zeki Bilmen -- whom the FBI has identified as a Turkish Jew who was already under surveillance by the CIA team). The cargo manifest listed the equipment as electronics gear [lithotripters used to break up kidney stones] for the Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto, South Africa. However, the initial shipment of 66 triggers did not go to the hospital but to Karni's Top-Cape Technology of Cape Town, South Africa. Top Cape, in turn, sent the triggers to AJKMC Lithography Aid Society in Islamabad, Pakistan through Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Top-Cape 'officially' traded in military and aviation electronics equipment. It was during the summer of 2003, when Valerie Plame and her team -- at a critical stage of their investigation of the A. Q. Khan network -- were outed by White House officials Karl Rove, Scooter Libby, and at least one other individual (possibly Elliot Abrams), that Karni received an e-mail from his long time Pakistani associate Humayun Khan (no relation to A. Q. Khan) asking for 200 triggers to be sent to his Islamabad-based company, Pakland PME.

After initially attempting to purchase the devices from a sale agent in France -- an attempt that proved unsuccessful when the French agent demanded a U.S. export license for the triggers because the end destination was Pakistan -- Karni managed to obtain the triggers from Perkin-Elmer's manufacturing plant in Massachusetts through Giza Technologies. Karni's e-mail traffic to and from Khan was being intercepted by a covert agent in South Africa and being forwarded to U.S. authorities. It is not known whether the covert agent was a Brewster Jennings' asset but it would not be surprising considering Karni was an important link in the A. Q. Khan nuclear smuggling network. By the time the initial shipment of 66 triggers were sent to Karni's Cape Town office, U.S. and South African intelligence were already closely monitoring the transaction and the key players involved. It is also noteworthy that Karni previously worked for a Cape Town electronic import firm called Eagle Technology but was fired after it was discovered by his boss that he was making secret deals to ship nuclear components to Israel, India, Pakistan, and possibly, North Korea. Karni had been in South Africa for 20 years after arriving from Israel. His time in South Africa coincided with the apartheid government's rapid development of its own (since disestablished) nuclear weapons program and very close military ties between South Africa and Israel.

As for Humayun Khan, the Los Angeles Times discovered that the Pakistani "businessman" had been involved in nuclear weapons smuggling since 1975 when he was engaged in business with a former Nazi named Alfred Hempel, who was the kingpin in a global nuclear smuggling network active throughout the 1970s and 1980s. Hempel died in 1989. In an interview aired by PBS's Frontline on July 26, Humayun Khan said he never realized Karni was Jewish, stating that the Israeli masqueraded as a Muslim. However, what is clear is that an Israeli-based network, involving key neo-conservatives in the Bush administration, were attempting to speed up the clock on the delivery by the A. Q. Khan network of prohibited nuclear material to countries like Iran, thereby justifying a pre-emptive U.S. (and Israeli-supported) attack on Iranian nuclear installations. It was this network that attracted the attention of the CIA and when it realized some of the "men behind the curtain" were in the Pentagon, they had their smoking gun evidence of double dealing by Bush administration officials and their compatriots in the Sharon government.

Although AJKMC, the Pakistani company, said it merely printed copies of the Koran, U.S. investigators pointed out the initials also stand for the All Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Conference, an Islamist opposition party that supports groups allied to Al Qaeda in Kashmir. Some anti-terrorism experts believe that Osama Bin Laden may be hiding in Kashmir.A Malaysian link was also discovered in Karni's network, which is significant in light of developments involving Brewster Jennings' exposure by Rove and Libby. A Swiss citizen named. According to FBI insiders', 'wiretaps of phone calls in the Giza-Bilmen-Karni smuggling ring yielded the name Douglas Feith', 'the Undersecretary of Defense for Plans and Policy and one of Donald Rumsfeld's chief advisers', 'and Turkish MIT intelligence members of the American Turkish Council', 'a lobbying group which represents some of America's largest defense and private military contractors.Urs Tinner was arrested by German authorities in October 2004. Tinner was accused of supervising the manfucture of centrifuge components in Malaysia. The United States demanded Tinner's release, which led to speculation that Tinner was a U.S. intelligence asset who penetrated the A.Q. Khan network and may have been part of the Brewster Jennings operation.According to FBI insiders, wiretaps of phone calls in the Giza-Bilmen-Karni smuggling ring yielded the name Douglas Feith, the Undersecretary of Defense for Plans and Policy and one of Donald Rumsfeld's chief advisers, and Turkish MIT intelligence members of the American Turkish Council, a lobbying group which represents some of America's largest defense and private military contractors.

In May 2005, Der Spiegel magazine reported that Tinner was, in fact, a CIA agent. Germany announced that Tinner would be extradited to Switzerland, something that Der Spiegel reported was the result of a "deal" cut between Germany and the United States. A February 2004 Malaysian police report named both Urs Tinner and his father, Friedrich, as principal engineers in overseeing the machining of uranium-enrichment centrifuge components at a Scomi Precision Engineering (Scope) plant in Malaysia. Friedrich Tinner, owner of a Swiss firm named PhiTec AG, was named in an International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) report as one of many Swiss individuals involved in shipping nuclear components to Libya and Iran. Swiss authorities had previously cleared Friedrich Tinner of charges that he shipped centrifuges to Iraq. Friedrich Tinner's other son, Marco, owned a firm called Traco that was also reported as a supplier of equipment and services to Scomi.

If the Tinners were working for the CIA, one subject of interest for them was a Sri Lankan businessman named B.S.A. Tahir who arrived in Malaysia via Dubai in the mid-1990s. In a February 2004 speech at the National Defense University in Washington, DC, President Bush stated that Tahir was A. Q. Khan's "chief financial officer and money launderer." Investigators discovered that Tahir made several trips to Germany and Turkey, the native country of Karni's spark trigger supplier Bilmen, to meet with suppliers for the Khan network.

WMR reported the following on Nov. 5, 2005:

"Undersecretary of Defense for Policy and Plans Eric Edelman has been identified as then 'then Principal Deputy' to Vice President Dick Cheney's recently indicted Chief of Staff Lewis Libby. Edelman replaced Douglas Feith, the chief architect of the Pentagon's Office of Special Plans, as Undersecretary after he was given a recess appointment by President Bush to the Pentagon post. Edelman left the Vice President's office in June 2003 to take up his post as ambassador to Turkey. However, the indictment indicates that Edelman continued to be involved in discussions with Libby after beginning Turkish language training.

According to FBI sources, Edelman used his position as ambassador to Turkey to cement a triad of weapons and drug smuggling and money laundering involving Turks, Israelis, and Americans. The CIA and US Customs Service busted one nuclear smuggling ring involving South African-Israeli national Asher Karni, a Pakistani businessman named Humayun Khan, and a Turkish Jew with strong Israeli ties named Zeki Bilmen. The smuggling network involved companies in Cape Town; Secaucus, New Jersey; and Islamabad, Pakistan. Karni was convicted by a US court for smuggling nuclear triggers to Pakistan via South Africa. The identification of Edelman in the Libby indictment as one of those possibly involved in the outing of a CIA agent and a covert company bears directly on the use of Turkey as a major facilitator in the trafficking of WMD components, particularly to the AQ Khan network in Pakistan.

An informed government insider revealed that this smuggling network and the outing of Valerie Plame and Brewster Jennings directly involved the fact that the CIA's counter-proliferation network had accumulated a great deal of intelligence on Douglas Feith's and Richard Perle's International Advisors, Inc. (IAI), registered foreign agents for the government of Turkey; former House Speaker Bob Livingston's lobbying activities on behalf of Turkey and the Cayman Islands; the lobbying activities and Pentagon ties of the American Turkish Council; House Speaker Dennis Hastert's receipt of Turkish-Russian-Israeli heroin and nuclear smuggling proceeds in the form of campaign contributions; and nuclear smuggling money laundering in Cyprus, Dubai, and the Cayman Islands.

On Nov. 11, 2005, WMR reported the following: "New aspect of Valerie Plame/Brewster Jennings exposure revealed. According to U.S. intelligence sources, the White House exposure of Valerie Plame and her Brewster Jennings & Associates was intended to retaliate against the CIA's work in limiting the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. WMR has reported in the past on this aspect of the scandal. In addition to identifying the involvement of individuals in the White House who were close to key players in nuclear proliferation, the CIA Counter-Proliferation Division prevented the shipment of binary VX nerve gas from Turkey into Iraq in November 2002. The Brewster Jennings network in Turkey was able to intercept this shipment which was intended to be hidden in Iraq and later used as evidence that Saddam Hussein was in possession of weapons of mass destruction. U.S. intelligence sources revealed that this was a major reason the Bush White House targeted Plame and her network.

In fact, U.S. intelligence sources report that the first shipment of VX nerve gas to Saddam Hussein was carried out between 1988 and 1989. The gas was shipped to Iraq by a U.S. company that was established in 1987 -- The Carlyle Group."

On Feb. 4, 2006, WMR reported, "The Bush administration's WMD claims, the original basis for invading Iraq, were discovered to have been without merit. However, Cheney and his staff, including indicted Chief of Staff Lewis 'Scooter' Libby engaged in what the Vice President called a 'work up' on Joe Wilson. That 'work up' also saw Wilson's wife, a covert CIA officer who worked on WMD proliferation issues, outed by the White House along with her entire Brewster Jennings & Associates cover company network."

On Feb. 25, 2006, WMR reported, "The White House turned over to CIA Leakgate Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald some 250 pages of e-mails from 2003 that it originally claimed were somehow deleted or lost. The e-mails reportedly demonstrate that Vice President Dick Cheney and his staff were squarely behind and coordinated efforts to discredit Ambassador Joseph Wilson and reveal the identity of his covert CIA agent wife, Valerie Plame Wilson, to the media. The e-mails are said to implicate Cheney and his key staffers in potential criminal wrongdoing involving the disclosure of Mrs. Wilson's identity and those of her Brewster Jennings & Associates covert colleagues.

The White House said it 'discovered' the missing e-mails two weeks ago and turned them over to Fitzgerald. However, three and a half weeks ago, WMR was contacted by an anonymous source who claimed to have intimate knowledge of how the 'EOP' (Executive Office of the President) archived older e-mail and other documents. The source said that it is EOP policy to send archival documents to an underground Federal Support Center at 5321 Riggs Road in Olney, Maryland for safekeeping.

WMR passed this 'tip' on to those who have 'back channel' communications with Fitzgerald's office with an emphasis that the anonymous source appeared to have a very good working knowledge of White House document handling and archival procedures. The anonymous source suggested that Fitzgerald and a team of FBI agents show up unannounced at the Olney facility and simply seize the e-mails in question. WMR held the information on the possible whereabouts of the missing e-mails so not to alert the White House political operatives of their existence and location.

In any event, except for some e-mails for which Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is claiming executive privilege, most of the the 'missing' 2003 smoking gun e-mails involving Cheney's office have been found and these may prove to be as politically damaging to the Bush White House as the Watergate tapes proved to be for Richard Nixon."

On March 30, 2006, WMR reported, "Speaking at the American Turkish Council (ATC) meeting this week in Washington, the American Enterprise Institute's Danielle Pletka speculated that if Iran obtains nuclear weapons, its western neighbors are likely to follow. She said, with 'a nuclear Iran . . . Saudi Arabia, Turkey will think about nuclear weapons, along with the smaller emirates.' Although former Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Marc Grossman said he favored coupling the nuclear Iran issue to NATO, with, he said, 'an Israel relationship,' Prof. Ilter Turan of Istanbul Bilgi University contended, 'Turkey does not fear a nuclear Iran.' Turan emphasized that Turkey has stable relations with Iran.

In its latest edition, the German magazine Cicero is reporting that Saudi Arabia has been secretly working on a nuclear program with help from Pakistani scientists who posed at Hajj pilgrims to surreptitiously enter Saudi Arabia on Saudi-supplied aircraft between October 2004 and January 2005. The magazine also reported that Saudi Arabia and Pakistan have jointly worked on nuclear weapons since the mid-1990s and that Saudi scientists worked alongside Pakistani nuclear scientist Abdul Qadeer (AQ) Khan in jointly developing Pakistan's nuclear weapons program and Saudi Arabia's nascent program. It was Valerie Plame Wilson's covert CIA Brewster Jennings counter-proliferation operation that was tracking the Pakistani, Saudi, and Iranian nuclear programs, including the involvement of Turkish, Emirati, and Israeli nationals in the proliferation of nuclear components. Other news reports point to Pakistan continuing to be a nuclear proliferation hub, even after the house arrest of AQ Khan.

The allegations at the ATC conference about embryonic Saudi, Turkish, and Emirati nuclear programs appear to have been confirmed by the German magazine article."

On April 22, 2006, WMR reported:

In another development, the exposure of the Brewster Jennings team is continuing to have devastating effects on various informants involved in the A Q Khan nuclear smuggling network. One Turkish player in the network, Gunes Cire, head of Eti Elektronik, died suddenly in 2004 after his company was implicated by the Turkish Directorate General of Customs Control in the export of nuclear materials to Gulf Technical Industries in Dubai either directly or via Malaysia. From Dubai the materials were shipped to Pakistan and Libya. Another Turk, Selim Alguadish, head of EKA Elektronik and 3E Endustriyel Sanayi, was arrested in Germany for extradition to Turkey. Alguadish was linked to Urs Tinner, who was reportedly working with the CIA to provide faulty nuclear components to the Malaysian front for the A Q Khan network, Scomi Precision Engineering. Another Turk who was the focus of U.S. intelligence was Zeki Bilmen, the owner of Giza Technologies of Secaucus, New Jersey. Bilmen provided nuclear trigger spark gaps via a South African-Israeli named Asher Karni, the owner of South Africa-based Top-Cape, who then sent them to the A Q Khan network in Pakistan. With respect to Bilmen and Karni, when it was discovered that the A Q Khan network that was supplying nuclear components to Iran, North Korea, and, possibly, Saudi Arabia, had a potentially significant Israeli-connected component, the pursuit of that particular avenue by the CIA ground to a screeching halt.

The CIA's counter-proliferation work has historically suffered from exposures and interference from all the Bush administrations. In 1989, one of Valerie Plame Wilson's predecessor's in the CIA's Counter-Proliferation Division, Richard Barlow, was fired after he uncovered the involvement of the George H. W. Bush administration in facilitating the A Q Khan network and Pakistan's nuclear weapons program. The Bush administration did not want to alienate Pakistan, a key ally in the mujaheddin war against the Soviet Union. One of the individual's involved in muzzling and punishing Barlow was then-Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney's Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy -- Stephen Hadley.

On May 31, 2006, WMR reported:


"On May 26, Italian police discovered the badly decomposed body of Canadian diplomat Lewis B. Miskell in a Naples sewer. Miskell, 49, had been stabbed in the abdomen. Intelligence sources report that Miskell, who assigned to the Canadian embassy in Vienna, Austria, was the attache responsible for liaison to UN specialized agencies in Vienna. The most important UN agency in the Austrian capital is the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the nexus for nuclear talks with Iran and a significant activity surrounding the activities of the defunct Brewster Jennings Associates, the covert weapons counter-proliferation front company outed by the Bush White House. The clampdown on information about Miskell by the pro-Bush Stephen Harper government in Canada indicates that Miskell may have had an intelligence function and was operating under 'official cover' at the Canadian embassy in Vienna.

Miskell traveled from London to Naples on March 6 and was supposedly on vacation. He was due to return to London on March 14 but failed to show for his flight. There has been no explanation from Canada why Miskell, who was posted in Vienna, was traveling between Italy and London. There are direct flights between Vienna and Naples. Miskell was last spotted at the Naples train station. A Nigerian national named Desmond Anywi was later discovered with six of Miskell's credit cards, which he said he found on the floor of the Naples train station. Police have not charged Anywi for robbery and there has been no explanation from police why Miskell was found with his wristwatch and other personal effects.

Computer records showed that Miskell made online inquiries about several hotels in Naples prior to his trip but did not reserve a room in them nor did he visit them. Miskell had a history of photographing "historical" sites in various countries. Suspiciously, unnamed "police" sources in Europe began spreading information that Miskell, who lived alone in Vienna, spent a lot of time on Internet chat rooms trying to meet people and stayed in the seediest parts of European cities, including the area in Naples where he was investigating hotels.

Canada has been a source of tritium, a nuclear weapons component, for Iran. The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) has been known to be lax for its sale of nuclear components to nations abroad. Miskell was posted at the Canadian embassy in Washington, DC during the mid-1990s.


In what may be a related matter, the Swiss Federal Prosecutor's Office has complained to the United States that the Bush administration has failed to cooperate with Switzerland's efforts to track the A Q Khan nuclear proliferation network. The Bush administration's multiple refusals to assist Switzerland in probing the Khan network, which was a major target of the CIA's Counter-Proliferation Division, Brewster Jennings Associates, and Valerie Plame Wilson, was revealed by former UN weapons inspector David Albright. Switzerland arrested three members of the Tinner family -- Friedrich, Urs, and Marco -- for illegally supplying centrifuges from a Malaysian company to Libya. Urs Tinner has been rumored to have been a U.S. intelligence asset. Switzerland has received cooperation in its probe from Southeast Asian nations, including Malaysia and Thailand, and South Africa. All three are key transit points for nuclear materials involving Russian-Israeli Mafia assets who, in turn, are linked to top members of the Bush administration, including Vice President Dick Cheney."

On June 13, 2006, WMR reported:

"WMR has learned from informed sources of a link between those who "outed" CIA counter-proliferation covert agent Valerie Plame Wilson and her Brewster Jennings & Associates cover firm and convicted GOP lobbyist Jack Abramoff. The link centers around convicted Israeli-South African nuclear components smuggler Asher Karni, a former officer in the Israeli Defense Force and Orthodox Jew who illegally smuggled 66 U.S.-made triggered spark gap nuclear detonators, via Cape Town, South Africa, where his company was located, to the Pakistan-based network of Abdul Qadeer ('A Q') Khan, a major target of Plame Wilson's CIA team. The A Q Khan network sold nuclear materials to Libya, North Korea, and most importantly, Iran. Karni's end-user client for the nuclear triggers in Pakistan was Humayun Khan's import-export Pakland Corp. Humayun Khan is no relation to A Q Khan.


In a inexplicable development, after his arrest in Denver on Jan. 1, 2004, Karni was granted, over federal prosecutors' objections, $100,000 bail by US District Judge for the District of Columbia Thomas Hogan. The government did not appeal Hogan's bail decision and Karni was released to the custody of the Hebrew Sheltering Home in Silver Spring, Maryland. After pleading guilty to smuggling charges, Karni was sentenced on August 4, 2005 to three years in prison by US Judge Ricardo Urbina. Karni's Turkish Jewish intermediary for the procurement of the nuclear triggers, Zeki Bilmen, owner of Giza Technologies of Secaucus, New Jersey, apparently died under suspicious circumstances in 2004 after Karni's arrest by Federal agents. However, Giza Technologies remains in operation to this day.

WMR has learned of a link between Karni and Abramoff. Rabbi Herzel Kranz, the head of the Hebrew Sheltering Home in Silver Spring where Karni was housed after his bail, is also a colleague of Abramoff's. The January 12, 2006 issue of The Forward contained an article citing praise of Abramoff by Kranz. At the time, Abramoff had just pleaded guilty to federal fraud and racketeering charges. Kranz praised Abramoff for donating to Jewish projects and, referring to Abramoff's conviction, said, "people make mistakes."

The Turkish nexus of the Karni-Bilmen-Humayun/A Q Khan smuggling network was of primary interest to both the CIA and FBI. It is also noteworthy that Judge Hogan, who dealt with the Karni case, was also the judge who ordered the FBI raid of Louisiana Democratic Representative William Jefferson's congressional office. House Speaker Dennis Hastert, who has reportedly been under investigation for receiving Turkish campaign donations and his ties to Abramoff, strongly condemned the FBI raid of Jefferson's office. After Hastert's protests, the Justice Department leaked word to the media that the Abramoff scandal extended to include Hastert. Essentially, Abramoff money was being used by the Justice Department as a weapon against Bush administration critics. WMR has also learned that Abramoff's money was also used to blackmail other members of Congress who were investigating the Israeli connection to nuclear smuggling and the A Q Khan network.

There is also evidence that some of the highly classified CIA information convicted Pentagon analyst Larry Franklin passed through American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) staffers Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman to Israeli agents attached to the Israeli embassy in Washington dealt with Iranian nuclear development and that CIA sensitive sources and methods not disclosed by the outing of Plame Wilson/Brewster Jennings were discovered in the leak of the CIA documents to AIPAC and the Israelis."

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