Friday, October 13, 2006

Pathetically Desperate - Now Gay Republicans are "Closeted Democrats"

Gimme a break! Cliff Kincaid of the Republican pseudo media-watchdog group is actually alleging that gay Republicans are actually "closeted Democrats" working an angle of almost blackmail over the sexual orientation and activities of other Republicans.
The complex nature of the "dirty trick" against the Republicans over the Mark Foley scandal is beginning to emerge. It doesn't involve a George Soros-funded group or emails that had been in the possession of the media or shopped around by Democratic operatives. Instead, the GOP has played a trick on itself. The party brought so-called gay Republicans into positions of power in Congress only to realize that the confidential information they held about a secret gay network was political dynamite that could backfire.
If you are getting the idea that gay Republicans may be closeted Democrats, then you are beginning to understand how the Mark Foley scandal could have been a Democratic Party dirty trick.

In response to the scandal, a representative of the Log Cabin Republicans, a homosexual activist group, has been on cable channels like CNN and MSNBC expressing the fear that the Foley scandal will be used to root out homosexual influence in the Republican Party. But the Log Cabin Republicans are so Republican that its board voted 22-2 against endorsing President Bush in 2004 because of his stand against homosexual marriage.

So if the gay Republicans are not really Republicans, what are they? One veteran observer of this network told AIM that the Foley scandal should make it crystal clear that the gay Republicans are in reality "liberal activists" who want to use the party to advance the same homosexual agenda embraced by the Democrats.

Ominously, the Foley scandal suggests that this network has inside information about the sexual behavior of members of Congress and their staffers that can be exploited in order to create scandals at a moment's notice. Only now are House Republican leaders like Dennis Hastert beginning to understand the trap they may have gotten themselves into. They thought they were being tolerant and diverse and constructing a "big tent" when they were giving gay Republicans important positions of power. It is now apparent that this power has been used to sabotage the party from within.
Hmmm... that sounds pathetically desperate -or- a little like Craig Spence's operation. Food for thought~

Young Teen Corralled & Questioned by Secret Service for Voicing Her Politics

Julia Wilson, 14, got a surprise visit from two Secret Service agents Wednesday at McClatchy High after the words "Kill Bush" appeared on Her mom, Kirstie Wilson, says she should have been present when her daughter was questioned.
Little Julia was wrong to make her statement with words implying violence, however, the larger issue is that she was questioned in Sacramento, CA without a parent present.

If she cannot consent to sexual activity (even if it is consensual), cannot even drive, cannot quit school and a host of other actions, how is she able to handle intense questioning by a governmental agent?
McClatchy Assistant Principal Paul Belluomini said he usually does not notify parents when law enforcement officials come to school to interview students.

"Parents usually interfere with an investigation, so we usually don't notify them until it's done," he said.

Sacramento City Unified School District policy calls for parents to be notified but doesn't say whether it should happen before or after a student is interviewed. State law doesn't require parental notification.
This speaks to the many ways in which parental authority and responsibility are being usurped by the government.

Take note, citizens, this is the wave of the future. Very scary, indeed.

What is America coming to?? Elderly forced to turn to crime...

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) -- A man who couldn't find steady work came up with a plan to make it through the next few years until he could collect Social Security: He robbed a bank, then handed the money to a guard and waited for police.

On Wednesday, Timothy J. Bowers told a judge a three-year prison sentence would suit him, and the judge obliged.
Mr. Bowers committed this crime in order to be sent to prison until his social security kicked in, in about 3 years.

It is PATHETIC that a man who worked his entire life would have to resort to criminal activity JUST to have food and shelter!

This speaks very loudly that the current domestic policy is disastrous. The "New Deal" was supposed to make a loud statement and firm commitment that the vulnerable and helpless in US society would not be left in the cold.

That the US domestic policy has undercut those gains so severely is such a massive indictment of the current administration and many years of whoring to corporations and other interests.